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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) ((rp here and have fun))

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) jenfer looked at her bags already to go she had to get her stroy strait she hated the republic and needed an escape she knew she would be in big trouble if she got caught she wondered if they had sent her a partner she hoped they would

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Anika looked around. "why is the world like this" she wondered out loud. "why dont they teach us about how this happened? it couldnt have always been like this, could it?"
the last free place in the world, America, was divided once again.
"is there anywhere to run to" she thought hopelessly, "i would have to bring along my family, but i know mom and dad and Caden will not come. they are too busy with the army. i will have to get Zuri. but how?"

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) she looked at the car they had given her all her byes had been said and her bags in the car well here we go she thought

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Anika raced back to her home. "Zuri?! Zuri?!" she wispered, hoping desperately that her parents or Caden had not taken her with them.

"yeah? who is it?" called Zuri from the back room.

Anika rushed back to her. "Zuri, i need you to come with me somewhere. I cant make the trip alone, and i don't want you to get involved in this pointless war. We're going somewhere safe."

"i dont know. did mom say it was ok? where are we going?" asked Zuri, wary.

"no, Zuri, we cant let mom, dad, or Caden know. and i dont know where we are going." said Willa.

suddenly, Ryll burst through the door.

Anika jumped up, and walked away from Zuri.

"ummm, im sorry, i was just checking on my sister. ill get back to work." Anika said, looking ashamed.

"oh, no, im not part of the colonies." said Ryll.

Zuri gasped "your a spy?!" she ran to the alarm, ready to alert the city that they had an intruder.

"NO! im not a spy! im originally from the republic, but i hate how they work. i just want to escape from this whole place. im sorry to intrude upon your home, but i heard you wonder about this place, so i followed you home. My name is Ryll Halen." said Ryll.
"i'm here to get my cousins, and hopefully escape with them. pardon me for eavesdropping, but i hear that you have the same plan with your sister. may i ask who you are?"

"How can we trust you" called Zuri.

"shhh, please, keep your voice down. i'm not supposed to be here. i dont know how you can trust me, but i really need you to. we're in the same boat." whispered Ryll.

"what does that mean?" asked Zuri, "in the same boat?"

"shhhh," said Ryll, laughing,"i'll explain on the way. i just really need to find my cousins. do you know them? their names are Trinn and Wyth. heres their address." he showed them the address.

"there must be hundreds of Trinn's and Wyth's in this city. i know 7!" said Anika

"can we trust him Anika?" Zuri asked.

"it seems like he is our only choice. we certainly cant travel alone, and i think we will need his help. anyway, i want to know who his cousins are. maybe we do know them!" said Anika

"we're in." said Anika and Zuri together.

"great! we must leave immediately, so we wont be found out. quick, pack your things. pack light, because we will need to carry everything we bring. i'll meet you in the front hall. be ready to go in 10 minutes, and tell no one." said Ryll, walking to the front hall.

"Ryll?" Anika called from her room


"I'm Anika, and my sister's name is Zuri."

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) she looked at her asighnment anika would be who she was to find

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"ok. we're ready to go." said Anika, with Zuri following her out of the room.

"great!" beamed Ryll "now remember. we can not be seen."

"Anika?" whispered Zuri, "what will mom and dad and Caden say?"

"i dont know." said Anika, and followed Ryll out the door. Zuri followed her a split second later, after saying good bye to her home. she didnt know if she would ever see it again.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) well heres the place she thought pulling up in anikas driveway

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"shhh!" hissed Ryll, looking alarmed. "theres someone in your drive way. were you expecting anyone?!"

"no, but it could be mom or dad or Caden." said Zuri, looking petrified, "how can we go without them seeing us?!"

"we have to go now." whispered Anika, pulling them into the shadows of the house "we cant let them see us, but if they go in the house, they will see instantly that we are gone. come on. i know how to get around to the other side of the building without being seen, but we must be very quiet."

Jenifer saw movement at the side of the house. she got out of the car and stepped foreward to investigate.

"thats not mom or dad or Caden!" whispered Zuri, before she was pulled down through the cellar door by Anika and Ryll.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "um hi im lost could you help me" jenifer said holding back laugh at how corny her script was

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((is Jenifer talking to Zuri, Ryll, and/or Anika? cuz theyre in the cellar. she could b talking 2 herself, preparing.))

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) ((just going over it))

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"Ryll? Anika?" whispered Zuri, frightened in the dark when she lost sight of her sister and friend

"shhh!" hissed Anika and Ryll, "we need to be completely silent so she doesnt see or hear us" they breathed, "follow me" said Anika

Ryll, Zuri, and Anika tiptoed down the long concrete passageway leading to the other side of the house, trying very hard to make no noise.

"Anika? how do you know about this?" breathed Zuri

"i would hide here whenever the workers would come to see if there was any child over 13 in the house not in the army. Caden would hide me here, after Mom and Dad left for work." breathed Anika, "i hope we see him again. i forgot to thank him."

the group reached the end of the tunnel.

"ready?" asked Ryll, then pushed open the door. sunlight streamed in, and the group crept out.

"come on. your cousins house is this way." said Anika, and led the way.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "um hi i was told to meet you here i herd about somesneaking away i want in" jenifer said where they could hear it

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"how does she know?!" whispered Zuri in surprise

"i dont think she does" said Ryll, "come on. we have to get to my cousins house. we'll be safe there."

Anika, Ryll, and Zuri raced towards Trinn and Wyth's house.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "im from the republic i can help you" jenifer said

message 17: by Morgen, awesomer than uuuu!!! (new)

Morgen | 411 comments Mod
((can u say when shes talking 2 them and when shes rehearsing? srry. i get confused easily))

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) ((shes shouting that so they can hear her but not everyone else))

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((oh ok thanks))

Jenifer raced after them

suddently, Zuri tripped and Anika stopped to help her up.

"run! quick! she cant catch us! we'll be turned in!" shouted Ryll, racing back to pull up Zuri, and they kept running

"i dont think shes from the republic" said Anika

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "hello" she said leting her republic accent be herd "crap" she said under her breath

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"we're--almost--there" gasped Anika, clutching her side.

Ryll, Zuri, and Anika tore into Trinn and Wyth's house, gasping for breath. they were welcomed by eight eyes staring at them.

"wait." gasped Zuri, "i thought you said there was only two."

"crap." said Ryll, then choked out, "Aunt Myrlie must have had more kids since i last heard from them. that was almost 10 years ago"

Trinn, Wyth, and the other kids, a boy and girl, huddled against the wall, just staring at the intruders at their home.

"Ryll?" Trinn asked nervously, "is that really you?"

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "hello" jenifer said

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"quiet. we're being followed" said Ryll, shushing them. "this is Anika and Zuri. theyre running away with me to get out of this place."

"you mean, to go to the republic?" asked Wyth, still shielding his younger brother and sister

"no we want to get out of this country and go somewhere safe" said Anika, then said, "who are your brother and sister? i know you are Wyth, and this is Trinn," she said, gesturing towards Trinn, "but who are these?"

outside, a car pulled up next to Jenifer. a tall young man stepped out, then turned to face the building.

"got some runaways in there?" the man asked

"yeah Caden. i think you'll be especially interested in these" said Jenifer

((srry i posted 4 u. i needed her to say that))

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "these are like kids they dont stand a chance" jenifer said smiling

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"ok. lets let them fell like theyre safe for a little while, then we go in. we dont want to startle them. yet." Caden said, then turned to face Jenifer. "so. did you get a look at them?"

"I'm Naz, and this is Isa." Naz said

"Trinn?" Isa said, "i want to go. i dont want to be suck here anymore."

"me too." said Naz

"well, then, i guess were going." said Trinn

"great!" said Ryll, then he sent them to pack their things.

"Ryll? didnt you hear a car pull up outside?" asked Anika, looking worried, then went to the window and peered out.

"oh no."

"what?" asked Ryll and Zuri at the same time

"its Caden. Cadens come to turn us in. and hes talking to that girl." said Anika in a trembling voice as she turned to look at her traveling companions.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "no sadly they didnt even go for my republic story that usually get them.want to go back to the apartment and look over them" jenifer and caden had a work aparatment they used as a homebase

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"yeah." said Caden, "who were they anyway?"

"your sisters and some friends." Jenifer said, then saw Cadens shocked face. "i'll explain more at the apartment."

Anika peeked out of the window again, and saw Caden and Jenifer drive away.

"Ryll. Zuri. theyre gone. we have to go now. they might be coming back with reinforcements." said Anika, then ran to gather up Trinn, Wyth, Naz, and Isa. they ran out of the back door together and down the street, hiding in the shadows of apartments.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "caden they arent stupid they know what you do and know im with you" jenifer said

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"yeah, but still. i knew that Anika was against the colonies and republic, but i didnt think she would actually run away. and who were the people with her and Zuri?"

"where are we going, Ryll?" Naz asked, gasping

" i dont know yet. first, we need a place to stay overnight."

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "i dont know you're forgeting im from the republic myself im just a runaway i dont know many people" jenifer said

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"oh, yeah. sorry." Caden said

((do u want to make a runaway that can join ryll, naz, isa, anika, zuri, trinn, and wyth? then we could rp w/ them too... if u do could u make it a boy about trinns age?))

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) ((i will in a little bit we have people coming over))
"its okay" she said

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((kk thnx!!))

"where can we stay?" Isa asked, hardly being able to breath. Trinn swung her up onto her back and kept running, while Anika and Wyth did the same with Zuri and Naz.

"we're not sure yet" gasped Ryll, "just keep running. we'll find a place soon."

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "so lets go back to the apartment" jenifer said

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"ok. sounds good to me." said Caden, then left to get the car.

((can u rp w/ Day now? ill have them pick him up if u want...))

"here looks good." Anika gasped, slowing and clutching her side. she stopped infront of a large building. "its an old warehouse. its abandoned now, the perfect place to stay for the night."

"ok, lets go in." said Trinn, then shoved open the door.

when they had all setteled in for the night and had their dinner, right before they fell asleep, Wyth said, "hey Ryll? can we pick upi my friend Day? he would be interested in joining the cause..."

Ryll glanced at Anika and Trinn, and they nodded. "sure. we'll pick him up tomorrow. where does he live?"

Wyth gave him the adress. "ok, well stop there tomorrow."

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) ((kk))
day sataround his house doing nothing

when they arrived Jenifer went to the kitchen and made herself a snack

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Morgen | 411 comments Mod
"so..." said Caden, not knowing what to say

((srry cant rp now))

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "look them up on their file for me i want to see their grades and other things please" Jenifer said

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"oh come on Jen" Caden said, streching and looking at her, "theyre my sisters. cant we just let this one slide? im sure theyll come back. theyre not very tough"

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once Ryll, Trinn, Wyth, Naz, Isa, Zuri, and Anika woke up, they headed out to Day's house. they snuck around the back and clambored in through the windows.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "one of them is bound to make it after all i came here with a group and i wasnt much different than them" Jenifer said
Day heard them "yall are loud"

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"right. well, i guess i should do that, but, come on Jen. cant we let this slide? i really dont think i can do this to them. who knows what the punishment would be?" said Caden, looking worriedly at Jenifers expression

"Day? is that you? its Ryll. are you alone?" Ryll whispered into the darkness of the house, "i brought some people you might want to meet"

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "how about we just don't turn them in" Jenifer could see it in his eyes and she couldnt let him get hurt

"yeah im alone" Day said

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"ok. you still want their grades?" Caden asked, looking relieved.

Ryll, Anika, Zuri, Trinn, Wyth, Naz, and Isa stepped out of the shadows.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "well yes i still want everything on them we are still going to catch them" Jenifer said

"you brought a crwod i see" Day said

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Caden sighted. "ok" he said, and pulled up their grades.

"yeah, sorry. i just came here to get Trinn, you, and Wyth, but i had to take Naz and Isa along. also, i saw Anika and had to bring her, and Zuri came along."

"wait. how do you know each other, ryll and day?" Anika asked

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "im not really sure" Day said laughing

"Do we have any food? Or do you want to go eat out?" Jenifer asked

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"i think its through Wyth" said Ryll, "maybe we met some summer, i dont know. are you ready, Day?"

"i think we have some food, but lets eat out. its more romantic." Caden said, glad to have a break from hunting down his sisters.

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) "yep." Day said

"Great" Jenifer said smiling

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jenifer and caden hopped in the car and drove to the restaurant.

"allright. lets go." said Anika. they were about to leave as they heard a car pull up outside.

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