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Curly Raphino (inkwellmarvels) | 4 comments My name is Curly Raphino. I am a fantasy writer and I just finished my first fantasy novel Fire in the Ocean: A New Testament. This is the first installment of a three part series that accounts for God's true intentions for creating mankind (well, at least my interpretation).

The story merges Greek Mythology and prominent figures of Christianity to breathe new life into the tale of creation. At the same time it explains the coming of age of the legendary King Triton of the sea.

Everything you thought you knew about Greek Mythology or Christianity for that matter will be challenged, because in this story when Poseidon meets Lucifer all hell breaks loose -- literally.

I'm looking to get some reviews and feedback from true avid fantasy readers, so check out the official website or browse the blog site and let let me know what you think.

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Hi Curly! I was impresed with your site. The teaser for Fire in the Ocean sounds great. It is along my line of exploration. I left a comment there so, I won't repeat it. I would like to keep in contact about how it is recieved. Good luck, Malika

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