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message 1: by Fatma (new)

Fatma | 19 comments Hello,

I was trying to combine this book الزنبقة السوداء with this one The Black Tulip

The issue that the titles of the two books are in two different languages, so each book will be in a different page and when I check the box of one of them and I go to the other page and check the other one wont work as I'm in a different page! and I will get a message saying "Must select at least 2 works to combine".

I was wondering if there is a function which offer to see all the available editions at once in one page! Any ideas??


message 2: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments Fatma, there isn't a way to get all of the editions on one page; the usual way to work around it is this:

1. Edit one of the editions to that its title matches the other edition.
2. In the combine page, search for the title.
3. In the results of the search, check the boxes for the two editions and combine them.
4. Edit the edition from step 1 again to make its title correct.

message 3: by Fatma (new)

Fatma | 19 comments Thank you Cait for your help..

Well I'll try it, but I wish if there is a function which make it easier to combine such books ..

Thanks :)

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