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sounds interesting...

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Octa what is it about exsactly and is it realy a book a girl would tke interest?

could u give me a rough outline to the plot of 1st book?????

Lisa The Book is about a boy named Bobby Pendragon. He's finds out he's a traveler and... well you'll have to read for your self. The books are really intense, and you can't stop reading them until your done. I ended up reading two of them a day until i was done. I'd return the last two before school and check out the next one, read all day during class and after school. It's impossible to stop.

Danielle I read the Merchant of Death for school, and NEVER thgouht I'd like it. Ended up really good, but I don't think the second one is as interesting. I stopped reading the series half-way through the second one. Guess you just have to REALLLY like it...

Danielle Me again....
It depends how old you are and if you're really girly.
I'm a mix between girly and sporty, so I took an interest in it. Plus, you have to like fantasy fiction.

It's kind of hard to get into at the beginning, but don't give up on won't regret it.

Lisa Yeah i'm kind of girly, but i have a bazillion brothers so i like things like legos, video games, rockets... stuff i wouldn't get if i had sisters

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