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message 1: by Aron (new)

Aron Took out book from Hewlett library SF section. Writer was Canadian male. Story was, that a micro chip allowed long distance star travel and reanimation in cloned bodies. The Hero was sent to see about a problem far away concerning a space disruption. Which turned out to be about a micro universe.
Can some one help me remember the book or writer?
thank you in advance. Aron

message 2: by Candiss (new)

Candiss (tantara) | 1207 comments Was it noir detective-ish? It sounds a lot by Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, but he's from the UK, not Canada.

message 3: by Aron (new)

Aron not noir detective-ish. Straight off the sf shelf.
thanks anyway

message 4: by Ken (new)

Ken (ogi8745) | 1346 comments I was thing Morgan also but when he mentioned the micro universe, well that was taken out of play

message 5: by Aron (new)

Aron should I post my question in a different place?

message 6: by Stefan, Group Founder + Moderator (Retired) (new)

Stefan (sraets) | 1667 comments Mod
Aron, you didn't post it in the wrong place - I think it's just that none of our members have the answer, unfortunately.

There's a website somewhere that specializes in answering this type of question, but I forgot the link... maybe someone else here remembers?

message 8: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 1141 comments What's the name of that book?

message 9: by Ron (new)

Ron (ronbacardi) | 302 comments This sounds something like Greg Egan's book "Schild's Ladder", but Egan is an Australian.

message 10: by Laura (new)

Laura (sfreadergrl) | 54 comments A goood place to find books you can't remember is

message 11: by Jensownzoo (new)

Jensownzoo | 32 comments Wikipedia has a list of Canadian SF&F authors that might help you narrow it down.

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