Q&A with Nafisa Haji, author of The Writing on My Forehead discussion

Are you a fearless globetrotting journalist like you main character?

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message 1: by Loretta (new)

Loretta Siegel (loretta_siegel) | 9 comments Your book was exciting and insightful. I loved your descriptions of you in relation to your lively and sometimes nosey relatives.

message 2: by Nafisa (new)

Nafisa Haji | 22 comments Mod
No, I am a chicken-hearted, arm-chair political pundit and confirmed couch potato who happens to love and admire the globetrotting journalists I read and follow on alternative media and DemocracyNow!
Thanks for the praise....

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Q&A with Nafisa Haji, author of The Writing on...

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