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message 1: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
This weekend, Narzain and I went to the movies as part of his birthday present. (His was about a week ago, mine is a week from today). We went to a matinee at a bargain theatre and we knew that there would be kids because we were seeing "Percy Jackson and the Olympians".

We were subjected to talking during the movie,some person in front of us playing with her cell phone (thankfully it did NOT ring) and all around rudeness.

Now, I have been noticing this trend for a while. Could you please tell me why, when you have paid good money for a movie, does this translate into have a conversation time? If you want to go out and talk, it's called a restaurant!

As for cell phones, if you are that important, what are you doing at the movies in the first place?

Please explain this terrrible breach in common sense and mannners!

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy I hear you Kim! I can't explain the rudeness except that people seem to think they are in their living rooms. I hardly go to the theater anymore unless it's a movie like Avatar.

message 3: by Narzain, The Minister of Awesome (new)

Narzain | 75 comments Mod
And the really sad part is, the kids were better behaved than the adults! Sure, some of them were talking too, but they were talking _to the adults!_ Who talked back, instead of quieting them.

Don't even get me started on the crinkly candy wrappers. Grrrrr.

message 4: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Hi Kim as you know I usher at The GFT....and luckily we do not have too many problems,but we tend to get more "Serious"film goers if that makes sense but sometimes people really bug me if I am in off duty to see something and Husband has to calm me down!!!
Nowadays I will only watch films at The GFT,The Grovesnor and occaisionally The Imax(should be seeing Alice in Wonderland there),as I cannot cope with what has to be tolerated in other venues....Oh No!!!Am I becoming Cinema Elitist???

By the way MAQNY HAPPY RETURNS(Belatedly)TO YOU BOTH xx.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul (merman1967) | 113 comments Its all about the "Me First, You Never" attitude that is so prevalent nowadays. By the way, thanks for the birthday card, and Happy Birthday to you both. I get paid this week so be looking for cards LOL

message 6: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
Thank you sweetie! :)

message 7: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
As a side note to cell phones in movie theaters, I read a samll article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on 3/15/10 that says it all. Apparently a person ( no gender given) in L.A. asked a woman to stop talking on her cell phone at a movie. One of the womans 2 male companinions responded by stabbing the requester in the neck with a meat thermometer.

Read that over one more time.....

I want to know why this person was carrying a meat thermometer,did they want to know when the turkey thay were watching was done?

message 8: by Joy (last edited Mar 16, 2010 09:20AM) (new)

Joy That's insane! I don't even know what to say about it but I will think twice before I ask someone to stop talking on their phone in a theater - who knows what they are packing!

message 9: by A. (new)

A. | 59 comments I always get the kid who kicks the back of my seat for the duration of the film...I feel like giving them a Seal-A-Squeal (tm)brand plastic bag and telling them "Under no circumstance should you play with this." Knowing full well children do the opposite of what they are told, or they would'nt be kicking my chair.

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