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message 1: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
Please post here regarding World War II. Post about causes that led to its breakout and events that led up to it.

message 2: by Kristof (new)

Kristof | 2 comments Hi,

I have just entered this group and I want to point out that the seed of WO2, lay not in the lap of Adolf Hitler and his nazi-party, but in the treaty of Versailles itself. The allies of WOI have caused it for 75% themselves. The other 25% lies within the defeated country. Back than Germany was such a young political state (it only exists since 1870), without a political backbone as England and other countries. You can easily see the same pictures nowadays: Libya, Syria, African continent. But, to come back to the start of it, I recommend My Father, Rudolph Hess and also Eugon Kogon, the theory and practice of hell.
The first book contains in the beginning the political climate and the role of Winston Churchill (who is in my eyes even more responsible than Adolf Hitler) & the second tells us at the end somewhat more about the political climate.

message 3: by Míceál, Assistant Moderator - World War II History (new)

Míceál  Ó Gealbháin (miceal) | 35 comments Mod
Churchill more responsible than Hitler? Now there is an interesting concept.

message 4: by Kristof (new)

Kristof | 2 comments Yes - it is an interesting concept. England's politics (under Churchill) moved Germany (under Adolf) to war.

Another threat came from the East, besides communism, namely Russia under the reign of Stalin.

Btw, just found out that the man who is responsible for the Versaille Treaty, was a French Field Marshall, called Foch. Apparently, he did not agree with the terms of an armistice between the German Empire, US and England, which president Wilson had written on paper. So, on the moment that Erzberger (German politician) want to talk about this proposal, but Foch lays on his will to enforce his terms, well the seed was sown for another war. First a civil war, than the raise and power of NSDAP with another WW which lasted 6 years. The Treaty of Versailles reshaped the world as we know it.

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