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message 1: by Angela (last edited Feb 28, 2010 05:37PM) (new)

Angela | 20 comments So does anyone have a list (or link to a list) of the must read anthologies for all our favorite series like "Unbound for The Hollows & World of the Lupi" & "On the Prowl for Alpha/Omega & Dorina Basarab

For some reason I find it incredibly hard to keep track of anthologies lol

message 2: by Chrizette (new)

Chrizette I don't have any idea either. Do you perhaps have a book or two to recommend?

message 3: by Escape (new)

Escape | 44 comments I just read a butt load of anthologies. I wanted my mom to check to see if the library had some of them from a list I sent her and she ordered them all. Holy Cow was I busy.
Wolfsbane and Mistletoe
Holidays Are Hell
Hot For The Holidays
Hotter Than Hell
His Immortal Embrace -don't read Sara Blayne's story, put me to sleep.
Out Of This World
Weddings From Hell
Four Dukes And A Devil
The way I researched these was by author. If I liked an author, I went to there website and search thru their book list and found anthologies they wrote in. The bad news is I would read an anthology and it was higher on the series then what I've read. For example: Out of This World Laurell K. Hamilton's story Magic Like Heat Across My Skin, happens to be around book 10 in the Anita Blake series and I hadn't started it yet. So it was a bit of a spoiler for me. Most of the time the author will have a list of their books and reading order with the anthologies. The other way is to check is by release dates.

message 4: by Angela (new)

Angela | 20 comments I've actually only found one author that keeps the reading order, including shorts, on their direct website, to find others I’ve had to hunt around several different websites to find out all (or hopefully all, anthology info is woefully inaccurate) the books they’ve contributed to and then hope to find some info on another webpage that gives me enough info to determine if the short is related to a series or not and if so in what order

release date doesn't work b/c often they are writing prequels etc

Also trying to avoid stuff like your example Magic Like Heat Across My Skin. In this case, it isn't around book 10 it is book 10. It's the first 100 pages or so of Narcissus in Chains (she's got a few "shorts" like that where you want to make sure not to waste your money)

That’s why I was hoping some people perhaps already had a list put together for their fave series like I had done for The Hollows in a different thread

As a side note, for Anita Blake shorts you only need one book, Strange Candy. There are only two Anita Blake shorts, both in that book, one is a prequel one is 8.5. The rest of any collections/anthologies LKH has contributed to are either the first chapters/pages of one of her novels or are one of the two stories that's already in Strange Candy

message 5: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 565 comments I'm reading Heart of Darkness, which is a 3 author anthology. The first 2 stories were okay.

message 6: by Nita (new)

Nita (gillnit) | 697 comments I use the website, a lot for looking up series order. They generally include the stories in anthologies. You can search by author or book title.

message 7: by Angela (new)

Angela | 20 comments yep I use them too, they often include a list of anthologies the author has contributed to but it's almost never listed in order within the appropriate series
basically i have to use them to get a list of the anthologies an author has contributed to then research each anthology to find out if the included story applies to the series and hopefully it lists where it falls within the story

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