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Wind walked around town.

Cas sat in a tree.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Heather was bored off the orphanage, no one wanted her, she had no friends that were human beings, and this bird is particularly annoying."..and I don't know who to ask, you or that other girl, she is fun! So, do you like my feathers, what about my legs, do they look fat to you? An....""STOP!' I yelled"I DON'T CARE, YOUR LEGS AREN'T FAT! TRY THE OTHER GIRL! SHE PROBABLY KNOWS!!!!"

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Cas heard a shout and jumped.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Heather shooed the bird away and ran off to the edge of the park and lept into the air. She flew and changed in a bathroom near a building She was Birdgirl.

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Cas rested back down in the tree. Wind sighed and the air faintly picked up.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Birdgirl flew over to a girl in a tree."Hello."She said

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Cas heard a voice and nearly fell out but regained balance.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) How did you get up here? There are no low branches, even for you to jump up onto!"Birdgirl said

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Cas looked at her, "I could ask you the same."

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "I."She stated"Can fly, you on the other hand can not!"

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Cas got cat ears, "I, for one, can shape shift."

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Are you kidding me!"Birdgirl said.

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"Only animals, but yes."She leaned back.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "So, you are kidding me?"Birdgirl asked, confused.

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"No." Cas said.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "I'm Heat- I mean Birdgirl!"Heather said quickly, landing on a near branch.

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"Cas." She replied.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "My name is Heater."Heather said and put out her hand.

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"Nice name." Cas took it and shook it.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "May I see you as a cat?"Heater asked

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"Sure." Cas turned into a solid black cat with stormy gray eyes and a small silver hoop in the tip of one ear.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "COOL!"Heather said "I wish I could do that!"

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"Flying's better in my opinion." Cas said.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Sometimes! Onetime, a plane almost hit me!"Heather said

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Cas rose her eyebrow, "Wow."

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "It was close, missed by about a millimeter!"She said

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"Good thing it missed."

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Yah...I am going to change, then I will be back!"Heather said and flew off.

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Cas nodded and closed her eyes.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) After running into the mall bathroom she emerged and flew back to the tree."Hi"Heather said

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Cas opened them.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Want to go to the lake?"Heather asked."We could swim!"

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Cas shrugged, "sure."

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Lets go, I know a short cut, you have to fly though."Heath said.

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Cas nodded, shifting into a crow.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Heather took off and flew over the trees until a large blue lake came into veiw.

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Cas followed.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Heather landed with a small bump and dived into the water.

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Cas flew to the ground, shifted, and dove.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Under the water Heather saw a GIANT fish and some little ones nearby, it was beautiful.

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Cas started to swim.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Heather swam over to the fish as it bit her. She got so upset she flew out of the water.

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Cas looked around, Seeing she was alone and swam up.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Heather hovered grumpily over the lake.

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Cas broke though the surface.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "A fish bit me!"Heather said, seeing Cas leave the water.

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Cas looked up, using her arms to help her stay up. "What do you expect?"

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "I don't know!"Heather said"Maybe to be like the fish at the aquarium!"

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Cas shrugged. "Oh well. you coming back down?"

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