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Name: Rae Forêt
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Personality: She is soft spoken and reserved. Although when she gets annoyed she can be firce and uncalming. She can be a leader but also a follower.
Discription:She is medimum height and has long chocolate brown hair with a streak of pink down the side. She has bright ivy eyes that seem to change into blue and yellow depending on her mood.
Skills: She is alright with the bow but is amazing with double swords.
District: District 2, and she has been training all her life.

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Name: Kira Ritelle
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Personality: quick, intelligent and not too overcatious. she sees a challenge and finds ways to take it on. she's atheltic and outgoing, but she cares about the people she meets.
Description: tall, lean, and tan skin. very dark brown hair/almost black wavy-like hair. she has bright, brilliant royal blue eyes.
Skills: She has unparrallel skills with knives and gymnastics flexible.
District: Eight

Name: Sander Triben
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: silent, strong, quick, powerful, protective
Description: tall, muscular (but not overly so), fair skin, curly brown hair, vibrant green eyes
Skills: Very fast with his hands and his feet

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What are the Districts again? I forgot...ohh.

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District one:
Luxury items for the Capitol

District two:
Medicine and doctors

District three:
Technology and manufacturing

District four:

District five:
Animal herding

District six:

District seven:
Lumber and Paper

District eight:

District nine:

District ten:
Mathematics and foreign trade

District eleven:

District twelve:
Coal mining

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Alex kinyar
district 9

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Make a charrie

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