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We should probably have some rules for it babe.... like...

1. due March 15
2. NO LESS THAN 1000 words
3. must have atleast THREE characters

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Understand. Our first one will be just a short story.... I think the winner should (if they choose to) be the one in charge of writing contests.

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Name: Madison
Words: 5,419
Genre: fiction


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Name: Jessica
Words: 1,804
Genre: fiction

Mika's Kiss

I stared up into his yellow-teal eyes, the eyes that I fell in love with only four months ago; he was worried, but smiled for me. I smiled back, then rested my head on his shoulder, nuzzling myself next to his neck; his body was cold ad stiff, tension ran through his muscles. My hands found their way to his muscular chest, and I gripped his shirt in my fists; tears formed in my eyes, but I forced them back. His arms wrapped around my frail body, and rested his chin on my head; swaying us back and forth. We probably would have stayed like that forever if times didn’t catch up to us.
“Did you feed today?”
“I ran out of time to.”
“You can’t go without blood…”
I looked up at him, his eyes were moist; and then I kissed him lightly on the lips, having to get on my tiptoes to reach his lips. He looked surprised, and then leaned away from me; his eyes were beginning to turn grey from hunger and lust.
“I can’t leave you either.”
“I’ll be fine for a few hours.”
“And if Zeke shows up while I’m gone?”
“He won’t.”
“And if he does?”
“Then I’ll just call for you…”
“You can’t. When I’m feeding you can’t do that… if I come back… I might end up hurting you...”
“I can take a few hits.”
“I’m not talking about that…”
I bit my lip, knowing what he was really talking about; suddenly the thought of everything that happened came to me. I took a step away from him; he reached out to touch me, and then stopped. Tears began to flow down my face, and he stared at them before hanging his head in shame.
“L… let’s just go…”
“Babe, I-”
“Let’s just go.”
“… Okay.”
I got into the passenger side of his car, the windows are tinted and the paint job is chipping; not the greatest of combinations for a car like this. He slid in the car too, pulling out his keys and starting the engine, he paused, and turned to me; I looked up, blushing lightly.
“Mika, I-”
I leaned forward, and kissed him; he stiffened, surprised. Then moved his hand to mine, enlacing our fingers and pulling me into a deeper kiss. My face became hot as my whole body seemed to ache for him, that’s when my tongue grazed his fangs. I jumped back, putting a hand over my mouth; and he watched me, I stared at the floor of the car until he gave up and drove off.

“Well, we’re here…”
“This isn’t my house… this isn’t even your house… where are we?”
“A motel.”
“What?! Why’d you bring me to a motel?! Guys are always the same, even if they’re vampires! All they want-”
“If you go home Zeke will know where you are.”
Itou responded, almost a whisper; I froze, and looked at him. He stared at the steering wheel, his hands gripping it tightly; I looked out the window, then opened the door, slamming it shut behind me. I didn’t wait for him, I moved inside the building, and walked straight up to the front desk.
“Good afternoon ma’am.”
“Can I have a room?”
“Is that your boyfriend outside? Or maybe a fiancé?”
“Just give me the keys.”
“Sure thing ma’am… do you want the honeymoon sweet?”
“No, no.”
“Babe, why don’t you ever wait for me?”
Itou walked up behind me, putting his hands on my hips; I side stepped from his touch and took the key, nodding a thanks, then turned and left swiftly. Itou followed me; I closed the door behind me, then moved to the bathroom and closed that door as the front door opened.
“Mika, what’s wrong?”
“Go away Itou…”
He pressed his body against the bathroom door, and sighed.
“Please, just talk to me.”
I stared at my reflection; the makeup I put on yesterday was still there, unwashed and streaking down the side of my face from when I lied on my back and cried last night. I turned on the faucet; the water ran black, changing to normal clear after a while.
“The water’s black.”
“Take me home, this place is disgusting.”
“Would you rather stay in a disgusting place with the man you hate, or die?”
My eyes widened, and I opened the door; he nearly fell inside, but quickly straightened his posture.
“I don’t hate you.”
“You sure seem like you do.”
“Well I don’t… but it’s a lot to take in, I mean… just half a year ago I was a normal girl that thought vampires and werewolves were only legend.”
“Well we’re not.”
“I know that now… but my point is I was only a human girl that thought everyone else was human… now I’m dating a vampire that has a homicidal werewolf after him.”
“If I knew that he knew where I was I wouldn’t have agreed to go on a date with you in the first place.”
I froze, my body tightened and I felt more tears come to my eyes; I turned on my heel and slammed the door shut in his face.
“Babe…. I… I didn’t mean it like that! I’m saying that I wouldn’t have risked your life if I knew…”
His voice trailed off, then I heard footsteps leading away from the bathroom, after washing my face off I opened the door to see him sitting on the edge of the bed, head in hands. I swiftly and quietly moved next to him, sitting on the bed beside him and resting my head on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry…”
“I love you Itou.”
“You… wh… What?”
“I love you.”
“I… um… I…”
I sat up, and looked at him, he stared back at me; he reached up, and stroked my hair, causing me to blush. He moved his other hand to my leg, it rested on my knee, I smiled gently and he leaned in to kiss me. Itou pressed himself against me, his hand moving up my leg and rubbing the inner of my thigh. I blushed deeply, gasping against his warm lips; he pushed me down onto my back, and rolled on top of me, moving down to my neck.
“I love you too… Mika…”
He pulled up my shirt, kissing down my body; I stared up at the ceiling, blushing and breathing uneasily. I don’t know if it was the rush of things or him getting horny; but next thing I knew he was growling, something soft and playful instead of the ferocious roar I hear earlier. He kissed me, rubbing my chest with his thumb.
“I might hurt you Mika.”
“I don’t care… I want you…”
“A human and a vampire, what an interesting fuck couple.”
Both of us leapt to our feet, Zeke stood in the doorway of the motel room, leaning against the frame with his arms crossed. I grabbed my shirt, and held it in front of myself. Itou snarled, low and long at Zeke; Zeke rolled his eyes, smiling.
“Relax; I’m not here to hurt you.”
“You can’t have her.”
“I don’t want that slut; don’t want my dick anywhere yours has been anyway.”
“Don’t call her that.”
Zeke took a step forward and next thing I knew he was standing beside me; he grabbed my wrist and yanked it, causing me to drop my shirt. Itou jumped, barely a blur, they fought; so fast that I can barely see them. Then there was a thud, Itou fell, and Zeke stood over his motionless body.
“Don’t worry human, your vampire’s alive… for now.”
I ran over to him, and grabbed his arm; yanking on him hardest I could, barely moving him.
“Leave him alone!”
“Don’t touch me you dumb human.”

He raised a hand and backhanded me across the room, I smashed into the wall, my head hit the lumpy mattress first; and then I fell onto my back. In a flash he was standing on the mattress above me.
“You know, I usually don’t kill your kind… but as your little blood sucker has shown, you’re special.”
“D… don’t…”
Zeke bent down as he shifted to his true form, two large paws stepped onto my wrists. My eyes widened as I saw a massive hairy beast above me, his eyes reflected as if looking into a white mirror so I could see the blood dripping down my face.
“Itou… please wake up…”
Zeke snarled as he looked over to Itou’s body and snorted, mocking me; I blinked back the tears and daze in my eyes as he turned back to me and put his nose to my throat. I flinched as the wet muzzle grazed my neck, then his mouth opened and I felt his hot breath against me. A scream gathered in my throat and seeped through my mouth. So loud it caused Zeke to even flinch, in that hesitation I took my advantage and swung my knee up, popping him in the crotch.
He fell off of me changing to human again and groaning in pain; I flew to my feet and got to Itou’s side, shaking him. Zeke got to his feet, and I quickly smeared the blood from my forehead on Itou’s lips. Itou’s mouth parted and he licked the blood, his wide deep red eyes opened and stared up at me, he saw the blood and licked his lips.
“Looks like your plan’s backfiring Mika.”
“Not me, him.”
I pointed a shaky finger to Zeke, and Itou grabbed it, and then snapped it; I fell to the ground screaming in pain. He moved his mouth next to me and bit into my neck, hard; I screamed and struggled against his grip, it loosened then he jumped back. I grabbed my neck, and stared at him; he shook his head.
“Mika… I… I’m…”
Zeke clapped his hands, still slumped over from slight pain.
Was all I could manage to say before coughing blood and black mucus up; Itou ran to Zeke again. But this time I didn’t bother trying to keep up with what was going on, I laid my head against the carpeted floor and shut my eyes; focusing on my breathing only. It wasn’t long after that I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, too cold to be a werewolf, so it must mean its Itou. I tried to open my eyes to make sure, but my mind wouldn’t obey; so I allowed the creature to pick me up in his loving arms. Itou kissed me on the cheek, a wet and cold kiss that sent shivers down my spine.
“I’m sorry Mika… I’ll bring you to safety… just rest now, I’ll be here when you wake up…”

~Tomorrow doesn't show anything but today's misfortunes reborn~

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Kitiara I had a lot of fun with this story for a school assignment, plus the first half of it was a fanfic i wrote, but edited to remove copyright for school. enjoy!

Monster and the Moon

It's been like this for as long as I can remember.
I am blind, or there is no light; I don't know, I've never seen anything. I feel surrounded, bound, and enclosed. I can't move. Is it my body that doesn't know how to do so, or is it that I'm being kept from moving? Either way, it's unbearable.
I wish to rip free from this entanglement, to breath and to live as I see fit, but it all seems so impossible now. I don't know how I got here, this is all I've ever known.
There are others here, I believe, for I hear their cries that sound so much like my own. I feel them all around; they are what surrounds me. They press against every part of my body; scales tearing, spines ripping, hands grasping, tentacles winding, fur caressing, claws shredding, slime dripping, and teeth gnawing. I do not feel the pain of all this, but am aware of it. It terrifies me.
I think that maybe I'm dead, and this is Hell, but I do not remember dying, nor do I remember living. There is a part of me that says I will someday escape this maelstrom of bodies. If I can escape, then is this truly Hell? Philosophy is not something I enjoy.
I must have been in here for forever. There are times when I here the others around me start to rejoice as I feel groups of them leave me. There was a time when one of them came back, and I could hear their frenzied shouts of dismay at their return. They are quiet now, as many of us are. I've given up on trying to crawl out, for the others get in my way, or hold me back. Now I sit and wait for my turn to leave this writhing mass, silently praying that whatever is outside is not more of this.

My turn finally comes, and it is a surprise to me. I suddenly feel a pulling sensation. I am moving away from the others. They grab at me, wishing to join me. Few manage to hold on. I suddenly feel cold; an icy breeze caressing my body. It must be the outside! I grow ecstatic at the fact that I will finally be able to live, and begin to claw at my surroundings, attempting to quicken this process.
I feel myself break through the flesh around me in a sickening sucking sound. The cold I felt before becomes unbearable as I have my first experience with pain. I try to scream, but more flesh fills my mouth as I rip through to the outside.
My claws dig into a hard flat surface that I've never felt inside that thing. With the little strength that I have, I manage to pull the rest of myself out. The others that came with me release my body, and I feel them die around me. I begin to fear that I may share their fate, but I simply lay there. A dark blue color starts to fill my vision, and I realize that I can see. As my surroundings come into focus, and I see an opening from this apparent box. Out into the beyond is a large white crescent floating against a blue-black backdrop, with sprinkles of white around it. It is the most beautiful thing in existence.
My muscles twitch, urging me to move. I long to gaze upon this lovely sight for a while longer, but I obey what this body wishes me to do. I sit up and look around the room. This place is empty, and the walls are made of the same material that the surface I lay upon is. There is a sliding door on the opposite wall, and I stop to think of what might be behind it.
I become aware of the body I've been given. The cold of the surface beneath me forces me to shake. Instinctively I suck in the air around me, quieting my tremors for but a moment. My limbs pull into my body, shrinking into a ball and bringing strange digits into my vision. I recognize these, for I've felt them so often. Long ivory claws reach out and entwine with each other, folding into a neat weave, safely tucked away into my palms.
My intuition tells me to move, but to where? There is the door, which surely leads to another box, and there is the spectral crescent, which draws me so. The choice is obvious. Pulling myself from this ball, I begin to drag myself to the beyond to better see this shining object.
No hands hold me back. This freedom is like none I've ever felt before; unrestrained movement. A glee fills me as my first claw makes contact with the earth beyond the box, crumbling to dust as a single talon tears through.
A screech nearly blinds me. Yips of gibberish emanate from behind the walls that surround me. Screams and shouts echo throughout the box as the ground shakes and pounds. Fear takes over my body as I recluse back to whatever hole I came from. Skittering back, I catch a glimpse of the creatures which are surely pursuing me.
Tall and thick, they grasp steel shafts, sharpened into points. They wave about four limbs frantically, jabbing fingers at me as they bellow. I huddle in the corner I've been forced into, clawing at the wall in a desperate attempt to rejoin the brethren I left. This place is a far worse Hell than the womb I crawled from.
Pain shoots into my side as one of those shafts pierce my skin. I howl and shriek while the creatures kick and jab at my writhing body. No matter how I toss and thrash, I cannot cease their assault. I reach up and claw at one creature's torso, tossing it to the side; landing into a heap on the floor. Their barks sharpen as a weight crashes into my back, splaying me out on the cold, hard, ground.
With a few more burning strikes, the pain eases and their roars fade.
The ice beneath me seeps away into the familiar nothing.
The deep blue that was my new world slips into black.
Gazing out into the beyond, the heavenly crescent flickers, laughing at my failed attempt at life.

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