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message 1: by Chris , The Devil Inside (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 130 comments Hey everyone. Feel free to look around as we get the new JH group up and running. You can tab into the bookshelf area and see what I've put there so far.

I've basicially arranged it to "novels", "20th Century Ghosts", "other short stories", and "Locke & Key", as well as a shelf for anthologies that he has contributed to.

As far as the Currently Reading and To Read selections, those are tentative. They're up there more for window dressing than anything; we don't have assigned readings at this point. I set 20CG up as "currently reading" since some of us just read it and have started a discussion for it. Then I set Horns up as To Read, as I'm sure many of us plan to read it in the near future (or have already).

We'll change up the look I'm sure, at some point. The 20CG stories don't look all that impressive on the bookshelf, since all but one of them don't have images. And that one is linked incorrectly. Still, a work in progress. We don't even necessarily need those up there. They were available as ebooks only, from what I could see.

Any shelf suggestions are welcome. Just hit me up.

message 2: by Kandice, Felina is the best (new)

Kandice | 111 comments Has anyone read Snapshot 1988? I just started it in Cemetary Dance and its really good already.

message 3: by Kandice, Felina is the best (new)

Kandice | 111 comments Anyone excited for Strange Weather? It includes the before mentioned Snapshot 1988, but also three new stories.

message 4: by Chris , The Devil Inside (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 130 comments I'm really looking forward to it. I have a special affection for King's novella collections, so it's great to see Jr doing it too...

I'll set up a thread before it comes out so we can start discussing.

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