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Books you DID NOT LIKE and what made them not so good, this can also be an argumentative topic as long as we aren't threatening about it.

Desperation - For me it didn't really make sense and I had a hard time understanding. It's about a demon that lives in the body of a cop in a deserted land. He brings his victims... I mean... jailers.... into custody by hiding pot in their vehicle while they aren't paying attention and/or giving them a flat.

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Cut by Patrica McCommick ??? It was okay but the writing didnt make sense i mean the story itself was fine but how she wrote it tipped me off.

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-claps viciously- finally someone put on Twilight and agrees it's not a good one... but I'll go ahead and put the "in depth" on why before anyone puts a "no it's AWESOME!!! EDWARD CULLEN GIVES ME GIRL BONARS!"

Twilight - Though it may be a good "first book" for the star appealing "Stephanie Meyer" the book itself has not got the right in depth that books need. Right from the begining you know that NONE of the characters can POSSIBLY die. Bella is too much of the femenist to be killes (plus she's the narrator). Edward is to "sexy and perfect" as Stephanie tells us countless times as if the readers are hard of memory. And of course the Cullen family is never properly introduced so who even gives a **** if they do? Stephanie Meyer could have had a potential though if she took her mistakes and grew from them; but the fame got to her head and she never did grow and expand based on the mistakes of her books. She repeats the same countless flaws she misses as a good writer in ALL of her books (The Twilight Collection The Host).

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LMAO Gurl Boners!!

TRUE AND What the heck kinda Vampire sparkles that made me mad the only reason i saw the movies WAS FOR THE OH SO SEXIII JACOb

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And we have a Jacob fan... -.- you and my best friend both...

lol well I didn't see the movie, I would DREAM of giving money to Stephanie, I think she has potential. She just doesn't seem to go anywhere with it.

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I agree n haha kool

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Back on topic though....

If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? - Though it started out good I see a decline in the book during the center. This is a twist on the classic "Cindarella" story, but I believe they should have left it (in this case) well enough alone. The begining starts out strong, showing comedy in the threee sister and the mother, and how they all communicate. But for me the book started getting choppy when she eventually started to act like them, in the classic you never saw Cindarella dressing and walking and talking and ordering like the wicked step sisters did. Yet to impress a guy she wears a skimpy dress and a thong?! 0.o This book was not a good appeal to me, and I feel ashamed for even picking it up and liking it in the first place.

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Am I the only one left in this world to not have read Twilight? Even the people who hate it have read it... I fail...

The Stand:
Okay so I can see where he was trying to go with it... but I guess me being a wiccan I just didn't really see it. I mean I am very open minded and he didn't try to push the religion, but... I can't really explain WHY I didn't like it without sounding conceded in some way shape or form.

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Its okay Jessica lol dont waist ur time reading it

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