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NovelReaction | 7 comments Mod
Okay peeps, I am looking for some new authors to read, any suggestions?

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Jena | 1 comments Betty Neels is a good author you should try if you haven't.

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NovelReaction | 7 comments Mod
Thanks for the suggestion, I actually own a copy of everyone of her books because I love her style.

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Keziah (austenlover01) | 2 comments Amanda Grange is a wonderful writer! She wrote, Mr. Darcy's Diary and more.

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Englishrose | 3 comments I do a blog with reviews of clean romance books. If you're looking for suggestions, come on over!

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G.G. Vandagriff | 4 comments I just released my women's fiction/romance The Only Way to Paradise about four ladies who go to Florence to regenerate and find greatly unexpected romance and self-discovery. I've written 12 conventionally published novels, and thought I might try self-pubbing one. It's on Amazon and Nook. You can buy paperback as well. Youu can have a sample read on Amazon.

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Shirley Marks | 1 comments Hello! My name is Shirley and this group represents exactly what I love to read and what I write.

I've written Regency Romances, and a few Contemporary Romances, for Avalon Books which supplies the library market. The best part is they're free from your local library.

Avalon Books is a family friendly, nonsecular publisher printing 60 books a year: 4 Contemporary Romance, 2 Historical Romance, 2 Mysteries, and 2 Westerns every two months. There are some terrific authors who pen some great stories. Check your local library to see if they shelf any Avalon books.

I'm adding my books to the group's bookshelf. Thanks.

The Suitor List - Book 1 - out now!
Perfectly Flawed - Book 2 - coming soon!
The Gentlemen of Worth series - Avalon Books

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Becky Grider | 1 comments Shirley... I have actually read all of your books! Thank you for them.

Authors I've found that I really enjoy who I consider clean in the sense that their isn't any smutty stuff:
Marcia Lynn McClure
Lynn Kurland
Sarah M. Eden
Teresa McCrthy
Those are just some off the top of my head.

I also really enjoy the Avalon Books.

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G.G. Vandagriff | 4 comments I write clean regencies as well! I have a new one coming out on Amazon this week: Rescuing Rosalind. My first trilogy can be found there, as well: The Duke's Undoing, The Taming of Lady Kate, and Miss Braithwaite's Secret. I was traditionally published for 20 years, but when I started writing Regencies, I went Indie. I also really enjoy Sarah M. Eden. She is also a friend.

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message 11: by Alyssa (last edited Mar 12, 2013 08:58AM) (new)

Alyssa (willlyssa) | 1 comments I've read a clean romance e-book called "Killing Casanova" by Traci McDonald that I really like. You can get it on for a couple of dollars. I like it because the story is different.

Here's the blurb: In the small ranch community of Lindley, Nevada, Jake Caswell has the reputation and skills of the infamous womanizer Casanova—that is, until he meets Cassie Taylor, a blind woman who is oblivious to his normally irresistible charms. As Jake attempts to add Cassie to his list of conquests, he unintentionally pulls her into a world of violence, tragic old wounds, and enemies out for revenge. Soon, Cassie fears the truth about Jake will leave her heart as the next victim of Casanova's flawed perceptions. Will Cassie be able to uncover the man behind the mask amidst the threat of peril? And is there truly hope for love in a tangled web of danger—and blind distrust?

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Linda Kurth (lindamkwriter) | 1 comments I'm a former Avalon author. I've recently gained the rights back to my Avalon "Career Romance," HOME OF THE HEART, and have updated and published it as an eBook.

Here's the blurb:

Meg Carey, a rising star in a fast-paced Beverly Hills interior design firm, suffers a claustrophobic attack while flying to Oregon for her family's Christmas. A charismatic stranger, Matt Aaberg, comes to her rescue. Is he a chauvinistic opportunist, as Meg suspects? Or as genuine as he appears to his Oregon TV viewers? When Matt dares to suggest that Meg move back home to Oregon, sparks begin to fly -- and keep on flying until each of this geographically desirable couple's worlds is turned upside down. Forced to examine the course of their lives, will Matt and Meg be able to discover the home of their hearts?

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Zahra Habib (zahrahabib) | 2 comments Both my novels are clean & respectably reviewed as well.

My Love is Blind -
Opposites Attract

They can be purchased from here

message 14: by Tianna (new)

Tianna Holley | 1 comments Just released a novel called Unexpected Metamorphosis. It's a fantasy romance, and you can learn more about my writing belief on a blog post I wrote called Being a PG-13 Writer in an Erotica World.

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Ruth Roberts (goodreadscomruth_roberts) | 3 comments Hi all. I just found this group and I'm so excited to check out some of the authors you all have suggested. I am also an author of clean romance, I have two books published so far, Homerun and Tender Triumph. They are both clean. I hope you enjoy them.

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Stephanie Fowers (guitarbabe25) | 1 comments Hi everyone, I just released my new romantic comedy Jane and Austen.
Jane and Austen by Stephanie Fowers
It's my first novel in my Hopeless Romantics line of sweet romances.

message 17: by Rebecca (last edited Sep 10, 2014 10:57AM) (new)

Rebecca Stevenson | 1 comments Hi! I just found this group and am so happy to find a group that likes clean romances. My debut novel, Another Summer, is a sweet contemporary romance set in Maine. Please check it out.
Rebecca Stevenson

message 18: by Ivy (new)

Ivy | 1 comments Hi, I'm so excited to find this group, as I am a clean romance writer. My debut series is The Helena's Grove Series, with the first book available on Amazon for free :)

Hope you enjoy!

message 19: by Lena (new)

Lena Goldfinch (lena_goldfinch) | 7 comments Hi, I'm Lena and I'm excited to be here as well. My sweet historical romance, The Unexpected Bride, is coming out October 6th (now available for pre-order). A Goodreads Giveaway for a free paperback copy is also running now through October 6th.

I also write sweet romantic books for teens and young adults (and "forever young" adults).

The Unexpected Bride by Lena Goldfinch The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch Aire by Lena Goldfinch Songstone by Lena Goldfinch Haunting Joy (Haunting Joy, #1) by Lena Goldfinch Chain Reaction A Short Story (Prequel to Haunting Joy) by Lena Goldfinch Take a Picture by Lena Goldfinch

Nice to be here!

message 20: by Darcy (new)

Darcy Flynn (darcyflynn) | 2 comments So glad to find this group on Goodreads. I write clean romance novels as Darcy Flynn and it's great to have a home with all of you! I look forward to getting to know you and reading some of your books, as well!

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Darcy Flynn (darcyflynn) | 2 comments Lena wrote: "Hi, I'm Lena and I'm excited to be here as well. My sweet historical romance, The Unexpected Bride, is coming out October 6th (now available for pre-order). A Goodreads Giveaway for a free paperbac..."

Lena, your covers are beautiful!

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Peta Mcdonough | 1 comments Hi there, I'm new to the group but I've been enjoying reading your posts. I've been compiling my clean romance list for a while now. They are all authors that I wouldn't mind reading more of. I know I'm repeating some so please ignore those.

Helen Scott Taylor - regency short stories, I've only read 'The 5 kisses' but enjoyed it.
Deanne gist
colleen coble
Karla darcy
Karen witemeyer
Lynn kurland
Erica Matthews
Julie klassen
Jessica day George
Becky wade
Melanie dickerson (one of my favs)
Carla neggers
Rachael Anderson
Winnie Griggs
Marylu Tyndall
Cara colter (love her stuff)
Sarah Eden (another fav )
Shelley Gray
Rachel hauck
Denise hunter
Beverly Farr
Jennifer shirk
Mary Conneally
Julianne Donaldson
Marcia Lynn McClure (of course)
Rachel Van Dykken (not her Elite series and her London Fairytales is a little more racey)

message 23: by Julie (new)

Julie | 1 comments Thank you for all of these suggestions! I am so excited to read new authors! And THANK YOU to the authors who write clean books!

message 24: by Monika (last edited Dec 31, 2014 07:25PM) (new)

Monika Barbara Potocki | 2 comments Last year I published my clean romance novel, "Mirusia' by Monika Barbara Potocki. It is about a wealthy, handsome, has-it-all type of young man falling in love with a girl who is a social outcast.

Mirusia by Monika Barbara Potocki

message 25: by Monika (last edited Nov 21, 2014 04:55PM) (new)

Monika Barbara Potocki | 2 comments Julie wrote: "Thank you for all of these suggestions! I am so excited to read new authors! And THANK YOU to the authors who write clean books!"

Haha, you're welcome! I personally do not see why R rated books are so popular; many times I think it actually detracts from the romance. Because real love is based on admiring someone for their character, not on physical attraction!

message 26: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Roberts (goodreadscomruth_roberts) | 3 comments Hi there. I am author of clean romance novels. I currently have 4 books that are available in ebook format. They are contemporary romance that take place in high society settings. I hope you have the opportunity to read them, and review them. I would love to hear what you think.

Ruth Roberts

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Dallacey Green | 1 comments Hello. My name is Dallacey Green. I write clean romance novels in ebook and paperback format. My books are funny, warm and immensely moving. I have written four clean romance novels. Bellow is the link to where you can view and purchase my books.

message 28: by Nellie (new)

Nellie Neves | 2 comments Hello! I'm Nellie K Neve. I write clean romance as well. My debut book is called Nightwatch. It's a suspenseful romance about a girl named Emma, that has nearly given up on her life ever being the same after the death of her father. Within the first five pages, a young man drops from the vent of her doctors office and changes everything. Her life goes from endless sleepless nights, to dodging bullets and searching for a painting that holds the key to her safety. It's fast paced, but no swearing, no sex, lots of romance and suspense. Nothing is ever as it seems.
I hope you give Nightwatch a try.
And coming soon, Bind my Wandering Heart, a clean romance about teaching love to someone who never knew it.

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Lena Goldfinch (lena_goldfinch) | 7 comments Darcy wrote: "Lena, your covers are beautiful! "

Oh wow, thanks! I just now saw your note, Darcy. I'm the cover designer too, so i super appreciate the compliment! <3

message 30: by Chris (last edited Nov 05, 2015 06:53AM) (new)

Chris Syme (cksyme) My daughter (R.L. Syme/Becca Boyd) writes clean romances in the historical (Highlander) and romantic suspense categories. She actually has two books for free right now (beginner of each series) if you sign up for her newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter here:

If you'd rather just see what she writes, check out her Amazon author page for historical here: and romantic suspense here:

Sorry to take up so much space.

message 31: by Lena (new)

Lena Goldfinch (lena_goldfinch) | 7 comments Just updating with a new release in my Brides Series :)

Each book in The Brides series can be read as a stand-alone novel, but reading in order will provide a more complete reading experience.

"With unexpectedly fresh characters and twists, the imagination is kept on its toes, even while feeling entirely comfortable with the familiarity of the mail-order bride storyline... A great curl-up-on-a-cold-night read, so go grab a copy for yourself!" Serena Chase, USA TODAY Happy Ever After on The Unexpected Bride

Sweet Historical Western Romance / Inspirational Romance
The Unexpected Bride (The Brides #1) by Lena Goldfinch Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe A Short Story (The Brides #2) by Lena Goldfinch The Bartered Bride (The Brides #3) by Lena Goldfinch

Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play Books

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Lena Goldfinch (lena_goldfinch) | 7 comments Hi, I have a new YA release to share, Haunting Joy: Book 2. And I also have a few new covers to share. :)

"A sweet and charming ghost story that completely won me over." Lena Coakley, Witchlanders (On Haunting Joy: Book 1)

"Lena Goldfinch has penned a sweet, creative, mystical journey of self-discovery..." Marley Gibson, bestselling author of the Ghost Huntress series (On Haunting Joy: Book 1)

Haunting Joy (Book 1) by Lena Goldfinch Haunting Joy (Book 2) by Lena Goldfinch Songstone by Lena Goldfinch Aire by Lena Goldfinch The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch Take a Picture by Lena Goldfinch

message 33: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Carter | 1 comments Hello group!
Just wanted to let you know about the book that I have recently published which was inspired by my love of Regency romances.
I have been delighted to receive some fantastic reviews, for example this from Regency Reader website:
I highly recommend this for lovers of the traditional Regency needing something a bit different but with all the familiarity of the genre. I think Rachel Carter is an upcoming talent, and worthy of taking note.

Lucretia is available on kindle, in paperback and is also on kindle unlimited. Here's the blurb to whet your appetite. I hope some of you read and enjoy it.

Kidnappings, elopements, duels, dastardly plots. Making your debut has never been so hazardous.

Hidden away from polite society, Lucretia Lanyon spent her time daydreaming of dandies, extravagant pantaloons and intricate neckties. Now an heiress and suddenly the toast of Society, she finds her ideal man in Viscount Prendergast, the one bachelor in London who doesn’t seem interested in marrying her. Lucretia must navigate around nefarious impostors, jealous mistresses, dastardly fortune hunters, and the match-making schemes of her aunt, while she tries to attract the notice of her beau.

Christopher Prendergast, an aspiring dandy, was busy perfecting the art of tying his cravat, learning how to use his quizzing glass as a social weapon, and secretly excelling at Jackson’s boxing saloon. To everyone’s surprise, Christopher finds himself in love for the first time in his life. He must now learn how to secure a lady’s affections. He stumbles through a wooing campaign that includes bizarre gifts, terrible poetry, daring rescues and, finally, honesty.

Lucretia is a traditional (clean) regency romance brimming with period detail, unlikely heroes, delicious villains, and the flourishing of an unlikely love.. I hope some of you will read and enjoy it. Lucretia: or The Heiress and the Dandy Lucretia or The Heiress and the Dandy by Rachel Carter

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I'm an author specializing in clean, Christian romance novels. This is my new release on Amazon A Lancaster Love!

A Lancaster Love -- grab the complete five-book series FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Can an ex-Amish woman leave her past behind and find love after tragedy? This riveting series follows Eve Miller, her first love Noah Lapp, and her business partner Flynn Munro through an inspirational Amish romance entwining love, loss, redemption, and the healing power of God.

Book One--Eve Miller returns to her Lancaster County home for her beloved father's funeral, only to be confronted with her traumatic memories, a family crisis, and her lost love, Noah Lapp. Will Eve's past destroy her future?

Book Two--Noah revives their romance, and Eve accepts the challenge of righting her family's fortunes. She enlists the help of her new business partner, Flynn Munro, in a venture that she hopes will provide her family an income. But her estranged brother Abel and a sudden disaster threaten Eve's success. Will she be strong enough to justify her family's faith in her?

Book Three--Disaster reveals a dangerous secret, and Eve and Flynn's friendship deepens. Noah's pursuit of Eve meets opposition from the Amish church, and he faces an important decision. Which should he choose--faith or love?

Book Four--Flynn and Eve begin dating, and Abel suffers a crisis that leaves him fighting for his life. Will Eve be able to hang on to her family--and her faith?

Book Five--Eve comes to a dramatic crossroads and makes a decision that determines the fate of her family, her own heart, and her relationship to God.

Follow Eve as she makes her perilous journey from past to present, from doubt to faith, and from loneliness to love, in this 550-page saga of faith, family, and sweet romance!

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Mette Barfelt | 1 comments If you like sweet small-town romances, I have a book set in Norway.

This is the blurb for Time for Honesty:

Welcome to Solvik - a seemingly cozy little town on the Norwegian coast. It's an idyllic place with old, white wooden houses, almost a touch of paradise. However, under the surface lays intrigues, jealousy, and rivalry, threatening to destroy friendships.

Emmelin inherits her childhood home and must decide whether to sell it or move back to Solvik. With a husband who can't stand the country life, and no jobs available, the decision seems like an easy one. Confronted with decisions made in her younger days, she now faces deep remorse and indecisiveness. Trying to justify her actions and make things right, Emmelin discovers she's far from the only one withholding the truth and hiding dark secrets and lies.

In the midst of accusations, devious intentions, and new love, can Emmelin forgive and forget her father's betrayal and let go of the family drama from her past? Is she finally ready to embrace the future and trust her second chance at romance and love?

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