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5 members and no one is talking..come on people dont be shy!

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Mariah (Audreyhepburnlvr) | 1 comments Hey~ so, what is the most random thing that has ever happened to you?? For me, it would be the time I was hanging out with my friend Autumn. I was trying to figure out what kind of music she likes and I was listing all the bands I like and seeing if she listened to them. Well, about 2 or 3 hours later, my mind wandered back to that subject. I didn't say anything about it, but I was trying (in my head) to figure out what other bands I had not yet asked her about. She had absolutely no idea that I was still thinking about that. And just as she took a picture of me with her cellphone, I remembered one of the bands! I was SO happy! It didn't even occur to me that she had no idea taht I was thinking about that, so just as she took the picture, I yelled out "FOO FIGHTERS!!!" She was so lost. and on top of that, she'd never even heard of that band! How sad!

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ummm..idk for me it would probably be the time around thanksgiving. i saw my cousins..and 1 of them really liks mashed potatoes and she didnt have much..then i messaged her on facebook and i had this whole thing going where the people in the backgroud were yelling *go to code green everything is ok* then i saw her agein like a week later and i was like "its ok people go back to code green" and she didnt understand it. idk if that would count as a random moment but yeah..

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments wow weird much?

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments today some guy pulled up next to me and my friends and asked if we wanted to see his puppy(that he had in the back of the van) and one of my friends said "were not 2 if u wanna rape us just say it" and the guy drove away!!!

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments yeah it was really weird!

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Samantha Wow weird but also funny!

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i wouldnt say funny just desturbing....and creepy...

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments its was but now da friend dat yelled dat is pregant........so......

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wow...thats her fault tho so yeah :(

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Samantha Wow that sucks for her. :(

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments yep its pretty depressing...shes havin really bad mood swings....like PMSing times 10

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Samantha Lol! My county is under a tornado watch & the tornado is like 1 county over and Im writting on goodreads. :D

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lol! nice srry i havent been on latly..we dont have internet at my house cuz we got new sofas...so im at my grandmas using her computer....and people say grandparents arent good for anything....<_<...>_>....

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Samantha Lol! My aren't mine lives in California and the other is ummm I guess u could say going through a hard time.

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ooo..im sorry....

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments dats really sad...... hope it gets better!

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Samantha Thanks it's ok though I see my step dads grandparents more soo....... Yah

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ok...so...wats happening you guys....?

message 22: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Not much.......

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments nuttin much

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omg! i went driving yesturday!!!!! i wanna go again...so can learn to park correctly!

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Samantha were u good!?

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yup! and i went again today! and i parked correctly! im soo happy!! and...i dont have my temps yet! :P

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Samantha cool!!!!!

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lol! yeah!

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Samantha !!!!! :)

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments i cant drive yet.....tear.......):

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i dont get my temps tilllllllllll september

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Samantha I wish I could drive!

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i wish i could drive legally!

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Samantha :D me too!

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lol! =)

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Samantha Lololololololololololololol!

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments yep sooo wish i could!

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lol! omg we need more like...topic thingies in this group! feel free to make more you guys!

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Samantha Okiedokie!

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lol! cool

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments AWESOME!!

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i know!! wait..awsome wat??

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Samantha Idk!
Okay so write now Im super hyper and can't stop happy laughing over the mortal instruments books! They are soooo amazing! Ahhhhh hahaha can't wait till I get the 3 book in the series! Eeeeeeep! I can't wait! Sry I know Im starting to give myself a headache too! Hehehe!

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Gabby (gabs6597) | 111 comments epic!

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Samantha Sorry about that.... I can't believe I was that hyper!

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lol! i can!

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