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message 1: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments That's the title of the novel I'm working on - Back Kicks and Broken Promises - and 24 hours ago I completed my 1st/2nd draft. I say 1st/2nd because I tend to edit as I write. Well, I felt (and still feel) elated and relieved but I know the real work begins now. Revising and cutting. Yikes. Anyway, I just wanted to share my progress and, hopefully, give those of you plodding along a little boost of excitement and inspiration. Happy writing everyone.

message 2: by Malin (new)

Malin (Tusenord) Congrats!

message 3: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Thanks Malin. It's a process, I've got to say. In addition to making revisions to my manuscript, I'm reading through a friend's second draft and reading for novels to boot. The things we do.

message 4: by Malin (new)

Malin (Tusenord) Isn't it? How's it going with the edits?

(I'm sorry I haven't been around before now - personal issues surfaced.)

message 5: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller | 672 comments Good luck, Juan! Editing is the worst and best part- there's the tediousness of going through and changing bits and pieces and splicing the old and the new, and then there's the joy of smoothing the story and polishing it into perfection.

message 6: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Thanks for the encouragement everyone. The edits are going well. I've gone through the manu and now I'm making the changes in the actual document in my laptop. After that, I'll give it another read (focusing on where I can cut; although I already managed to cut about 4 pages already) and then type the changes. After that, it's time to give it to friends and fellow writers to get their feedback. Then....Well, then it's time to go over the feedback, make any necessary changes and then submit. YIKES!

The typing of the changes, though, is just tedious. Thank God, although I miss their feel and sounds, that we have laptops, word processing software and not typewriters.

message 7: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Wow. April 27th! It's been a while.

Well, I've finished my novel. It's in what I call a "polished draft" state. That means I'm comfortable to send it out but I'm still making revisions and I've gotten an editor to give it a pass also. I'm also in the process of getting agent info so, when the time comes, I know who I'm going to query and what they're query requirements are.

How's everyone else doing? Happy writing and reading, I hope and keeping cool this summer.

message 8: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller | 672 comments Yay!

message 9: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (wendyswore) | 215 comments Hey guys! Will you check out my thread and vote for the picture you'd like to see on the back cover of Unlocked? (book going to be released on August 13th)

We need your vote. Thanks!


message 10: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Well, hope everyone is doing well. I'm still making revisions - I'm a teacher and a volleyball coach and I've been busy with practices and matches but the season's over so I'm back to writing on a daily basis - but they're coming along. My Art Designer friend, who used to design LP covers for the likes of Madness, The Cure and Depeche Mode has done some mock ups for me for the cover of my novel. They're still preliminary but it was very exciting to see what my book could look like. I'll admit I got chills and a little 'jumping the gun smugness' that I can actually do this writing thing. Haha.

Anyway, hope you're all well and writing. And, if I'm not back for another 3+ months, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

message 11: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (wendyswore) | 215 comments Happy thanksgiving to you too. Good luck with your book!

message 12: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Thanks.

Well, the novel is done and off to my editor and I've sent out some agent solicitations this week. Also, my art director friend has done some more mock ups for possible book covers. So, things are moving on. Just keep my fingers crossed that one of the agents bite and we can get Back Kicks And Broken Promises to a publisher and on bookshelves.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to The Writer's Digest Conference next weekend in NYC and I'm working on a new book and screenplay.

Hope everyone's doing well. Happy Belated New Year to everyone.

message 13: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ | 814 comments Hello Juan! Sounds like things are going well with your book ... Congrats!

message 14: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Hi Brigid and thanks. Well, I'd say it's going but not as well as I'd like. I've been getting some very nice rejections recently. :-( Haha. Still waiting to hear from about seven more agents before I send out a new set of queries. In the meantime, it's on to my next project.

message 15: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Still waiting...for agents to get back to me, that is. I did send them follow ups and one replied, stating she hadn't yet read my novel but that she would soon. That's better than a "thanks but..." I suppose. The other guy hasn't replied. I guess it's time to start resending queries. Or, entertain the thought of self-publishing.

In the meantime, I'm also working on my next book, Sage of Heaven. There's a sample on my website. Check it out.

Anyway, how's everyone. Reading and writing, I hope.

message 16: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Win a signed copy of my novel. Check out my blog and enter the contest. http://juanraderbas.blogspot.com/2011...

message 17: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Hi all. For those who have been following this, my book is finally going to come out. It'll be released later this month; early March at the latest. It'll be available in hardcover, paperback and e-book (Nook and Kindle). In the meantime, if your're an 80s buff, have a shot at winning a signed copy. Go here (http://www.filamkickingscribe.com/bac...) for details and to enter. Good luck.

message 18: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Facebook page for Back Kicks And Broken Promises. Check it out and LIKE. ;-) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Back-Ki...

message 19: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Hi friends! My book went live this week. BACK KICKS AND BROKEN PROMISES is available in hard, papet and ebook. Barnes online gets you the best deal and ebook, for Nook and Kindle, are currently available from the publisher. You can also win a copy through my contest. Go to the Back Kicks link of my website, http://www.filamkickingscribe.com. CONTEST CLUE: The answer to question 3 is MICHAEL BRANDON. Go to IMDB to find the rest.

message 20: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Hi everyone. Just though I'd share this good news. Back Kicks just hit number 3 in the publisher's bookstore best seller list.

message 21: by Juan (new)

Juan (jbas) | 14 comments Article in The Filipino Reporter newspaper about my book. http://filipinoreporter.us/home/filip...

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