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Clark Start

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Monica jumped outta her BLue mercedes, Walking up to the entrance of the school iot was her first year at this school and in highschool . Before she had been homeschooled. She was excited and scared at the same time.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) Nolen and Shaelyn walked into school together. They walked, but that really didn't bother them. They barely have conversations with eachother, but when they do, they tend to be very vivid and short. Their parents just got divorced, and everyone just became quiet....

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Tyler walked into school, his backpack slung over one shoulder. He gave a couple of his friends that he hadn't seen in a while a quick high-five, while winking at some girls he remembered.

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Monica took a deep breath and opened the doors walking threw these hallways was scary. People running, yelling ,exchanging numbers , making out . It was alot for her she walked quickly to her first period class.

(( monica likes Nolen or Can she?? Sorry forgot to ask))

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Tyler threw some stuff in his locker before heading to his first hour. He stopped to talk to some friends on the way, which almost made him late to class.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) ((yeah!))

Shaelyn glanced at Nolen, exchanging magical sibling crap saying 'bye'. She knew she was gonna be late, so she just ran with her backpack to first period.
Nolen rolled his eyes, walking to his locker and threw his backpack in and took his books. Then he walked to class before the bell rang.

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Tyler sat near the back of the class.

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(( Wait im going to hold back on who my charrie like then i'll pick cus i wanna pick Tyler but i dont know about Nolen.)))

Monica walked in nervously and went to the back of the class and sat aloone. She smiled as she waslked past a guy.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) Nolen put his books onto one of the random desks he found first, putting his feet up on the one in front of him. Nobody was sitting there... yet.

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Tyler smiled back as the Monica passed.

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She saat down Sitting up perfectly straight.

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Tyler yawned, as he leaned back in his chair.

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sghe smiled slightly and looked at him waiting for class to start and hopping he wouldnt notice.

(( Be back in like 30minutes dont RP to much with out me))

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Tyler started throwing a crumpled up piece of paper across the room with his buddy on the other side.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) ((okay!))

Nolen rubbed his eye, waiting for the teacher to come in.

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(( BACK!!))

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Monica continued watching. "Is that how we're suppose to behave?" She said jokingly Then her went wide had she just said somthing. She didnt want them to be mad or make people not like her.

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Lily snuck in the class and sat behind Nolen right before the teacher came in.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) Nolen stretched, "Yup, pretty much." Nolen responded to Monica.

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She smiled looking over to him " Im sorry i didnt mean to say that." Smiled moving into the seat next to him. "Hi im monica."

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As Nolen stretched, his arms almost hit Lily.
"Hey. watch your arms," she said.

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Monica looked back raising her eyebrows. THen looked back at nolen.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Hi, I'm Nolen." HE grinned and looked at Lily. "Sorry. Didn't mean to." Nolen said to Lily, moving his arms.

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"Its very nioce to meet you. I-Im new to this school and ...School its self. SO would you have time to show me around?"Shee asked blushing bright red

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((does she like Tyler or Nolan?))

Lily just leaned back so she wouldn't get hit.

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(( Tyler but i want her to be like bff's with Nolen))

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) ((lol guess))

"Yeah, I have all the time in the world right now." Nolen replied, moving his arms to his side.

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" Great thank you so much." She said in relief. "And can i ask one more question?" She said

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Yeah, no problem." Nolen said cracking his knuckles.

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"Can i sit with you at lunch i...have no friends." SHe shrugged looking at her feet

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Ya of course." Nolen said, "You'll make a ton of friends, though, stay away from the popular crowd..."

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"Arent you popular?" She asked "I would think u were."

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Well, not popular in that way. Just everyone knows me." He replied, putting his feet up again.

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"She smiled.Okay thats cool" they still were waiting for the bell to ring and they still had 5 minutes

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Wow, the teacher didn't feel like teaching today, considering she didn't show." Nolen grinned.

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Monica smiled and nudged him ." Ur a real joker arent you.."

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Ah, some might say." Nolen said, flipping his bangs out of his face.

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Lily looked at the clock.
"And to think I could be practicing right now," she said to herself.

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"Well i think some means alot then because u seem pretty loved around here ." She smiled

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "No not really, a lot of people hate me for some odd reason. I mean, some I don't even know and they hate me." He said as the bell rang.

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"Well i think ur wonderful " She grinned looking back to see TYLer again. "Hes so cute." She said in a low voice

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Lily stood up and walked towards English.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Is he now?" He looked over to see who it was. "Oh, that's Tyler. Yeah, he seems to be a ladies man these days." He snickered a little.

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Monica looked back at Nolen. "Sorry i....ugh yea sorry." SHe didnt know what to say . "So do u have a girlfriend ? Alittle Sister?"She asked

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Yeah, little sister. Not really looking for a girlfriend yet." He replied, standing up and stretching. "Yup... well. You seem pretty cool for Tyler, he needs a nice girl."

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"Thanks ..." She ssmiled. " What classe do you have next?"

((SInce theyre gonna be bffs they should have like the same classes ))

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) ((yeah))

"English... I hope the teacher decides to teach us this time though." Nolen said.

((rp sammy in other rp))

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"Wow me too" she said.

(( Okay sorry ))

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Watch us have all of our classes together." He smiled and started walking towards the door.

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