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this is a documentary i saw a few months ago about the Amish tradition of Rumpriga( i think i spelled it correctly, if not lo siento) . this is basically a period of about five years where the youth of the community can experience the outside world(eg. smoke , drink, party, and the girls can wear pants) and then decide if they want to stay in the church of the Amish or leave for the outside world. i thought it was very interesting. let me know what you thought about it if you saw it.

message 2: by Phillip (new)

Phillip | 10611 comments i really liked this movie, which came out around the same time as hell house and a few other films that explored religion in america.

i thought it was interesting how little cultural options the kids had off the reservation (so to speak). i mean, if bowling is the only cultural option to taking part in all the indigenous culture of the amish, who would choose otherwise? the movie would have been really interesting if the young people would have been immersed in NYC or san francisco for a year...

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