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message 1: by Madeline (last edited Feb 26, 2010 07:03AM) (new)

Madeline (madelinemoghimi) okay i made the folder if you go see a movie you can post a review. just write the name of the movie for the topic name. then rate it 1 to 5 stars and give a short explination why you liked it or not. then write it you think someone should go see it or not.
thanks madelyn

you can copy and paste this

Would you recomend it to others:
Who would you recomend it to:

message 2: by Madeline (last edited Feb 26, 2010 07:09AM) (new)

Madeline (madelinemoghimi) also if you want to see if a movie is any good you can make a thread for it and ask for someone to tell you what they think movies dont have to be in theaters to make a reveiw

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