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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill (kernos) | 23 comments I have a book I want to add, called a revised edition 2009, which has supplementary material including an author's preface, an epilogue and a short story, a new cover, different page numbers, but has the same ISBN numbers as a 2005 edition.

How can I add such an edition, when GR wont allow duplicate ISBN's?

Ralph Gallagher | 212 comments "In the other case of duplicate ISBNs, it may be that an ISBN was reused on a complete different book. This shouldn't happen because ISBNs are supposed to be unique, but exceptions have been found. If that is the case, manually add a new edition to the database, leaving the ISBN field blank then in the Description field, add a note stating the issue with the ISBN and listing the actual ISBN. You can also use the Librarian Note feature found near the top of the book edit page to attach a note to the book (this helps prevent the book from accidentally being deleted by a librarian who thinks it is an invalid entry). "

From the Librarian Manual.

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