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First, it was the cover that caught my interest..

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Pinkbullets As being quite a comic fan, the cover certainly caught my interest right from the start. But I was really surprised to actually find the first pages of the book well-written, easy to follow and at the same wondering where the story might lead.
I haven't bought a book in quite some time now, hope that I made a good choice picking this one today and am looking forward to reading it soon.

Chris Did you read this yet?

Ronell there are two covers, and I prefer the realistic image over the comic book image, but the book itself is amazing. It fits into the new post-modern hero motif that is popular now, where the capes and cowls set isn't as virtuous and pure as we remember when we grew up. Still, despite this pandering it is very well written and the story is captivating.

Elton I was actually torn on which cover to get, the UK edition drawn by Bryan Hitch or the US version done by Chip Kidd. Finally settled on the US when I found a signed first. And it was a Great Read!

Michael I purchased the cover with the gloved hands holding the helmet. Being an old comic fan I purchased the book looking for a quick read with some humor. It was all of that! The comic book cliches, the story told from two alernating view points, the villain and the "new" superheroine were extremely clever and well done.

Carl It's very hard as a comic fan to read a decent novel about superheroes, I prefer the comics but this is one of the best ones out there. Another author who writes excellent pulp heroes, different takes on the classics such as the Shadow and Doc Savage is Wayne Reinagel. Good stuff. Nuff said!

Erik Larson Very good book, but I'm surprised you liked the cover. I almost didn't get the book because of the cover. Thought they were both a bit lame. But I am glad I decided to read a little first as i was hooked great book. Another book Similar to this is Confessions of a D-List Superhero by Jim Bernheimer. If you like this book you will love that one!!!!

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