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Which series and character is your favourite

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message 1: by N.J. (new)

N.J. Slater | 7 comments The Dirk Pitt books were the best and he should have been retired gracefully after finding his children. The continuing sagas are very tired and formulaic sadly

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul W | 8 comments I have read up to Shock Wave in the Dirk Pitt Series and really love his character, along with Al and the rest. Funny, when I first started the series I was waiting for a book at the library to be delivered and I started reading Arctic Drift with the kids, did not finish it and I am not looking forward to life without the adventures of Dirk and Al.

message 3: by N.J. (new)

N.J. Slater | 7 comments It was a sad moment for me when I first saw a new Dirk Pitt novel and did not immediately buy it.

message 4: by Denise (new)

Denise (dwlk) | 1 comments I am now obsessed with the Issac Bell series that is coauthored with Justin Scott ~ I dig this new series and it is just fascinating to envision how security agencies dealt with protecting the more famous citizens back in the day. I love that they incorporate actual events that have happened like the SF earthquake and political elections across the country! cant wait for more!!! currently reading the 5th installment!

message 5: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Molloy (lesliemolloyphx) | 1 comments I've really only read Dirk Pitt books, and I love them. Are the others as fun and exciting as the Dirk Pitt series?

message 6: by Amit (new)

Amit (amitshetty) | 3 comments I have only read Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin and Oregon Adventures, so by far the coolest character is Dirk Pitt. I feel he is a bit more charismatic than Kurt Austin.

message 7: by David (new)

David | 1 comments Dirk and Al are my faves by far, and I was bummed when they were taken off active duty...but alas an author has the right to retire characters when he sees fit.

I enjoy Juan Cabrillo and the Oregon files most of the off-shoot series, although Kurt Austin keeps me interested, too.

message 8: by Musikman212 (new)

Musikman212 | 1 comments I love all the series, but especially the Issac Bell series. Can't wait for the next one.
The Fargos are probably my least favorite of the series, but I've still read every book.
I recently went back to the beginning and started re-reading all the Dirk Pitt books, beginning with Pacific Vortex. I hadn't realized how much Dirk's character had evolved over the years.

message 9: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Solomon | 2 comments Sea Hunters are my favorite! I love factionalized history.

But of his fully fictional works I like Isaac Bell.

message 10: by N.J. (new)

N.J. Slater | 7 comments The Dirk Pitt novels will always be my favourite though I cannot bring myself to spoil the memory by reading any of the later ones. Once the adult children were introduced it was time for Clive to put them all to bed but alas no.

message 11: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Parker | 3 comments I have been a Dirk Pitt fan for many books. I am not as enthused with adventures with the "Pitt" children. It has lost something in the thrill of adventure!

message 12: by ✿Claire✿ (new)

✿Claire✿ (clairelm) | 3 comments I do like the Dirk Pitt books but my favourites have to be the Oregon Files, I just fell in love with the idea of the ship.

message 13: by Robert (new)

Robert Tompsett (rktompsett) | 3 comments Dirk Pitt is the Sean Connery of NUMA. You can’t replace Sean as 007, you can't replace Dirk.

message 14: by Robert (new)

Robert Tompsett (rktompsett) | 3 comments I started reading Dirk Pitt stories when I was at Aircraft Weapons Tech School in Denver, CO at Lowery AFB, home town to Clive Cussler. That was in 1979. Of course I also visited Sid Kings a time or two.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

The Dirk Pitt series and all the characters involved will always be my favorites! Even the ones with his kids, though I do agree the old ones are better. There is just something about Dirk Pitt doing the impossible that will never get old.

message 16: by Robert (new)

Robert Tompsett (rktompsett) | 3 comments For a Dirk Pitt movie, Sahara, it was totally mis-cast.

The actors playing Dirk, and Sandecker did not fit the imagination I had while reading the book.

message 17: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Parker | 3 comments I totally agree! Very disappointing to see after all I have read and invisioned Dirk Pitt to be! This was a complete miss!

message 18: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 6 comments I really enjoyed the Dirk Pitt series. I first read "Raise the Titanic" when I was a teen because I was interested in the Titanic. After reading that I went back and read all the other that had been published and became a faithful follower of the new books as they where published. I grew tired of Clive writing himself into the books. I thought it was funny the first time, but it got old (IMO). I have read at least one of each of the new series, and I have enjoyed the Oregon files the most. I like the Issac Bell adventures also. Truth be told if I'm at a used book sale and I find a Clive Cussler book I haven't read I'll buy it.

message 19: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) My favorite character & series used to be Dirk Pitt. But I have transferred by love to Isaac Bell.

message 20: by Liz (new)

Liz (normaliz) | 3 comments I enjoyed the early Dirk Pitt books but I also really liked the "ship wrecks" series about wrecks Cussler locates. He begins each chapter with the historical details about how the wreck occurs, making you feel like you're there!

message 21: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) I used to spend all my love on Dirk. Especially the first 10-15 books. But now I would have to say I like Isaac Bell best!

message 22: by Madison (new)

Madison (Maddylouisepitt) | 2 comments I love the Dirk Pitt novels and the Fargo adventures. The characters Dirk Pitt, Congresswoman Loren Smith, Al Giordino and Summer Pitt are my favorites as well as Sam and Remi Fargo and Selma. 

The only complaint I have is that the Fargo adventures lack some detail when compared to the Pitt novels, especially in terms of the character descriptions, I have read all five fargos but cannot describe either Sam or Remi other than the fact that Remi has auburn hair when I can even pick actors to play all the Pitt characters. 

I completely agree with the casting of dirk and sandecker in the 2005 movie of Sahara. Although the casting was a bit off the characters relationships and personalities were almost perfect for me especially between Dirk and Al.

message 23: by Alan (new)

Alan | 3 comments Has to be Dirk Pitt, the American James Bond.

message 24: by Anita (new)

Anita Renaghan (goodreadscomanitarenaghan) | 6 comments Liz wrote: "I enjoyed the early Dirk Pitt books but I also really liked the "ship wrecks" series about wrecks Cussler locates. He begins each chapter with the historical details about how the wreck occurs, mak..." I will have to check that series out, Liz. I haven't read those yet.

message 25: by Roopkumar (new)

Roopkumar Balachandran (mgrroop) | 6 comments Robert wrote: "Dirk Pitt is the Sean Connery of NUMA. You can’t replace Sean as 007, you can't replace Dirk."

Super. Mine too.

message 26: by W.M. (new)

W.M. Wiltshire | 5 comments I have all of the Dirk Pitt, Oregon Files and Fargo series and some of the Isaac Bell series as well. Never bought the NUMA series, guess I thought I had enough.

So sad to hear of Clive’s recent passing. The industry lost a giant last Monday!

message 27: by Roopkumar (new)

Roopkumar Balachandran (mgrroop) | 6 comments Rest in peace Clive Cussler the Grand Master of Adventure.
I request that Dirk Pitt series to continue.

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