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This is different then all the other story making games!!!!


Have fun!!!

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I looked at the green, eerie water. I saw my reflection. My tear-streaked face and red puffy eyes stared at me. I whipped my head away. I couldn't believe this had happened. He was gone. Why me, why him?

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Hannah Clear, glassy blue water danced around Lady Renée Caroal of Keant’s small, delicate white fingers as she lay out on the pier, gazing at the vast ocean surrounding her. The day was like most others of Keant’s; cold, windy, and the icy air full of the tang of salt. Renée sighed wistfully, her whole body longing to leap into the water. It cast its seductive charm on her and though fully dressed and in awareness of how cold the water would be, she had to fight fiercely not to jump in.
She was the dreamiest and most lovely creature you could ever see. Her porcelain complexion was so fair, it almost seemed transparent and her bone structure was impossibly smooth and fragile. She had a small, rosy mouth that seemed to be always set in a calm, lonely smile and astonishing blue eyes that were soft and beautiful as the ocean framed in thoughtful white lashes. Her long, gently waving white-blonde hair hung loosely down her back with no ornament or veil that was usually worn by noblewomen in Keant. The fourteen year old girl also dressed in a soft, quiet style. Her pretty, pale gold dress hung comfortably on her tiny, slender figure and she wore simple, thick white stockings and very warm, ivory slippers.
The young girl didn’t notice how the icy water glittered and swirled around her hand as she dipped it in, and didn’t hear the eerie and inhuman sound that rose up from the depth of the ocean. She hummed a soft, sad tune to herself and stared out, her beautiful eyes clouded and distant.
She was remembering her mother, Duchess Marianna Caroal. Remembering how she had sobbed, her body shaking and her eyes red and swollen. She remembered how the usually so stunning and charming woman, was dressed in wrinkled, careless clothing, her dark curls, so unlike Renée’s, hanging in damp, lank strands down her tear-streaked cheeks. She had pulled her daughter close to her, and caressed and kissed her like it was the last time they would see each other.
“I’m so sorry, my love. So sorry.” She had wept; her deep, musical voice, shaking with anguish. After holding her for a long time and hungrily memorizing her face, she took a deep breath and said, “My dear, I...I have decided t-to send you to the...”Her hesitation was painful, “away. You will be sent, away.
Renée had frowned, not understanding what she was being told and why the Duchess was in this state. “What do you mean, ma. Where will I be sent? Why?” Her own soft, dreamy, mesmerizing voice trembled; she had never seen Marriana this way, apart from when the Duke had died.
“Oh, little fairy, “She murmured, using her name for Renée, “I will have no one with me once you are gone. I wish I could keep you forever, but you are not mine to keep.”
“Then why don’t you! I am yours to keep and you needn’t send me away. What have I done, ma?”
Fresh tears poured from Marriana’s eyes and she hid her face in her hands, her voice muffled as she replied, “It’s nothing you, or I, have done. But it is the action of one dear and departed to us both. I’ll say no more! There is nothing I can do but send you away and we both must bear as best as we can. In one month a boat will come to take you and we will part. I’m not sure how long we will be away from each other, but I know you will be better in this new place.”
Renée couldn’t think of anyone other than her father who was dear and departed to them, but still didn’t understand. She couldn’t imagine him doing anything that would cause her to part from her life.
She had begun crying as well and lay with the Duchess for long hours, not understanding a thing and yet knowing that her life could never be the same.
A month had passed since then and as the young lady lay out on the pier, wondering if wherever she would be had an ocean, she saw in the distance, an enormous, glittering white boat. It was the most splendid one she had ever seen, (and living in Keant, she had seen many).Forgetting her dread, she rose to her feet and shaded her eyes, gazing out at it in wonder.
“My lady, lady Renée!” a familiar voice called out, and turning, she saw her ladies made, Lilie, rushing towards her, her light brown curls bouncing wildly behind her.
She reached Renée looking very frazzled and panicked. “Lady, the boat’s come, already!” she gasped, placing her hands on her knees and bending over, breathing hard.
“Yes, I’ve just seen it. Has Duchess Marriana been told?”
Lilie looked up, and her large, brown eyes looked huger than ever against her pretty, golden skin. “I hope so, my lady. Please, come in. All of your things are ready and the boat will be in any moment.”
Renée felt her chin tremble and tears burn her eyes. “Make sure she’s been informed; I’ll be in a moment. I want to say goodbye to my ocean. It might be the last time I see it.”
“Don’t talk like that, Lady Renée! I don’t know much of where we are going and why and how long we’ll stay there, but I know we’ll be here together again; I your maid, and you my lady,” Lilie cried fiercely, setting her hands on her hips and pursing her sweet mouth, trying hard not to cry.
The younger girl laughed softly, the sound hollow and dismal and carried away in the brisk wind.
Her seventeen year old maid shuddered and looked nervously at Renée, as though expecting her to jump into the water and drowned herself at any minute. Nonetheless, she took a deep breath and ran off back to the Keant Manor.
Renée stood a little while, her salty tears dropping into the crystal blue water, as she watched the boat come closer and closer. Finally, when she could hear the noises of the crew and the boats inhabitants, she turned away and glided, as though in some trance, to the home she might never see again.

Its kind of long, sorry. I just kept rambling. Hehe

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Baxter (julietrocksmysocks) | 383 comments The phone rang, jarring me awake. "It's done, John."

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"Wake the girl, we are here.", ordered the big, burly man who answered the phone. I sat up just as the servant Dan walked over. "Oh, my lady. You are awake! We have arrived. Come, follow me.",he said in a tired, yet cheerful voice. I slowly rised and smoothed down my pale gold dress. I felt like a mess. The whole two-week boat ride was all a blur. All I remember is crying, and sleeping. I remember Lillie forcing anything she could get down my throat. She couldn't get me out of my dress, and I was rather ripe. Disgusting, I thought to myself.

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☺♡M♡☺ (moonlanpersonyahoocom) | 131 comments The servants shoved and pushed me along. What awful service, I thought to myself. In case you haven't noticed, I think to myself a lot.

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Why can't I just walk my self? I think, quietly. It's not like I'm going to just run away.
I think that would be quite supid, myself.

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 315 comments I was pushed. I was shoved. Until a marvelous thought occured to me!

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A dark, cloaked figure made its way down the dark hall, wincing at each ominous creak in the floor. He turned the corner and found his destination....the five-year old's messy room! Now if I can abduct him without waking anybody, I can RULE THE WORLD, he thought.

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