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Shea | 23 comments I have avoided watching this movie all my life because I told myself I had to read the book first. Well, I finally read the book and saw the movie. For an adaptation it is really quite good. Many pieces of dialogue were lifted directly from the novel. I was surprised that Scarlett's first two children were omitted from the movie and also the character of Will (I think is his name, I am blanking). He is the man who helps Scarlett run Tara after the war and eventually marries her sister, Suellen. I think Scarlett is a much more likable character in the movie mostly because it is not as evident what a terrible mother she is and in the novel her hatred for Miss Melanie is much more intense. I think they should have illustrated better how poor and desperate they were in Atlanta to help you understand why she doesn't want to be hungry and why money is so important to her. I felt that had I not read the novel first I would have missed a lot of the story. There is so much that is just very briefly touched on in the movie, for example, Scarlett's hatred and reaction toward Emmy Slattery. I am glad I was not disappointed in the movie.

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i agree. i have watched the movie all my life , so when i read the book i thought it would be similar. but i hated scarlett in the book. she was so terrible!!

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