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RP here as soon as you make a charrie

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Anemone walked through the rain, cold and wet. Somehow, she could keep some warmth in the air around her, but she was still shivering. She sat down under a tree and wished someone would help her.

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Jacob was driving in the road when he saw a girl sitting by a tree. He slowed down.

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Anemone saw a car on the road and stood up to see if they could help her. She started to walk over to the car.

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Jacob stopped the car and opened the window, "You ok?"

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Anemone looked up at the guy driving the car. "No. I don't know where to go and I was chased out of my house and I'm so confused." She sighed and looked up at the rainclouds and the rain.

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"Well at least get in the car so you are out of the rain." Jacob says opening the passenger door. He slowly willed the rain down a few notches so he could seethe road better.

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Anemone got in the car and rubbed her hands together to get warmer. She looked up at him. "Do I know you? Who are you?"

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"Im Jacob, and I don't think I know you."

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Anemone smiled. "I'm Anemone." She looked around through the windshield of the car. She turned and looked at Jacob and studied his face. "It seems like I've met you before. You seem familiar." She looked around and thought about where she had seen him. "I think I've seen you in my dreams." She said, confused.

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Jacob frowns, "Really?" He racks his brain for anything his dad told him about demigod dreams. There was nothing.

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Anemone shrugged. "That sounds really weird. Sorry. I'm just so confused." She sighed.

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"No. It makes sense. Kinda." Then he gets an idea. " Do you know who both your parents are?" Jacob says.

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Anemone shook her head. "I knew my mom, but I never knew my dad." She shrugged.

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"Really. Hmmm." Jacob says. He figures she's probably a demigod like him.

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Anemone smiled. "So, where were you going? I have no where to go, so I might as well come with you."

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"Well I'm going back to my house. So I guess I'll take you there." Jacob says.

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Anemone nodded. "Ok. Sounds good." She smiled. "It's kinda crazy to pick up a girl along the side of the street and then take her home." She laughed a little. "But you're offering and I have nothing to lose. SO let's go." She smiled.

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Jacob grinned, "Alright. But weirder stuff then that has happened to me!" He pulls away from the curb and drives towards the direction of his house.

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((I want to roleplay but i have a godess charrie waht to do what to do....))

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Anemone laughed. "Oh, I know. Hey, I was chased out of my house from some kind of monsters. Weirder things can definitely happen." She smiled.

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((I could RP with you.))

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((the gods and goddesses could be like talking or something for you guys))

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Jacob smiled back, "Really a monster? What kind?"

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Anemone shrugged. "I don't know. It was sorta like a big dog. Like, a really big, weird dog." She smiled. "I probably sound crazy."

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"No not crazy at all! Do you remember anything else about it? Jacob asks.

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Again, Anemone shrugged. "Not really. It was unusually windy before the dogs came, but the wind was really warm. And then when I was running away from the house, the wind sort of guided me for a while. Or maybe I was just imagining that." She smiled.

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"No I don't think you were. Did you know that your name means "Wind" in Greek?" Jacob says glancing at her.

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Anemone tilted her head. "I might have been told that once when I was younger. But I didn't really know." She smiled. "Wind. Thats nice."

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"Yeah." Jacob agrees. That settles it her dad is probably Aeolus

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Anemone smiled and layed her head back against the seat. "I'm getting kinda tired."

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((sorry sorry i spaced on this group.Yea the gods talking good idea so if sidnee is still on I could roleplay with you if you want...))

Hera was walking in the gardens on Mt.Olympus

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"Ok. You sleep and I'll wake you up when we get to my house." Jacob says.

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Anemone looked at him. "Are you sure thats ok? If you want to talk, I'll talk to you."

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"No it's fine. We can talk later when we get to the house." Jacobs says smiling at her.

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"Ok thanks." Anemone smiled and fell asleep quickly.

((feel free to fast forward to when they get to Jacob's house. But only if you want to.))

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((I will haha but I gtg))

Jacob drove in silence unti her got to his house. He pulled in the driveway and gently shook Anemone's shoulder.

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Anemone opened her eyes and looked around. "Are we at your house?" She asked groggily.

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"Yeah. Come on." Jacob helped her get out of the car.

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Anemone stepped out and looked around. "Well, it stopped raining." She said as she saw the wet ground glistening in the sun.

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"Yeah I know." Jacob said.

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Anemone smiled. "Ok, so where are we going first?"

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"The kitchen. I don't know about you but I'm starving!" Jacob says walking towards the front door.

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Anemone nodded as she realized her hunger. "Yeah. Me too." She smiled.

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Jacob nodded and opened the front door.

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Anemone followed inside and looked around. "You are really nice to pick up from the rain and bring me to your house and feed me and everything." She smiled even brighter.

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"Your welcome." Jacob said, "You needed help. I wasn't just going to pass you."

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Anemone smiled. "Well thanks again." Just then she looked out the window and her face turned to fright. "It's... the... dog... thing." She stuttered and backed away from the window with wide eyes.

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"Where?!" Jacob asks.

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