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Furies of Calderon and Academ's Fury

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message 1: by Shawn (new)

Shawn (stk_kreations) I've been looking everywhere for the first two books of The Codex Alera series in hardcover—the prices are insane! Does anyone out there know where I can pick them up for less than $40 a piece?

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 17 comments Not the answer you might want, but... buy a Kindle. You'll save a fortune on books and all of the Alera series are available for it. :)

message 3: by Gregory (last edited Feb 17, 2010 12:32PM) (new)

Gregory Haney (haneyg) | 40 comments Mod
After about 20min of searching the cheapest I found it for was $84, so if you need hardcover and can get it for around $40 then I would consider buying that one.

Also, I would never recommend buying electronic copies of books over the real thing. eReaders like the Kindle are great if you are less interested in the "book" compared to the "story", but for book aficionados like myself and possibly you, given your desire for a hardcover, a physical book is the only way to read.

Good luck Shawn!

message 4: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 17 comments I guess I don't have a paper fetish, so I really don't follow your logic. :)

message 5: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Haney (haneyg) | 40 comments Mod
Well Patrick while I fully understand the convenience of eReaders and think it's pretty neat, I personally stand against them based solely on personal reasons. I've loved books since I was a kid, and have been building my own library since I was about 6 years old. E-books trapped inside of an electronic device just doesn't do it for me like regular books do.

I guess it's a nostalgia concept. The appeal of e-books will bring in a more diverse reading population given society's excitement for new technology, but there will always be those individuals slowly building libraries of their own who will only be satisfied by the classic presence of a real book in their hands.

Cheers Patrick :)

message 6: by Shawn (new)

Shawn (stk_kreations) Thanks for the advice Patrick. I have to agree with Gregory though, I'm all about having an actual book in my hands—and watching my library grow.

I think I may wait and hope that there will be a box set released and just get that. I was going to get the paperbacks but once you get to book 5 the size changes—I am very picky about stuff like that; If I have a hardcover (which I prefer) I have to get the rest of the series in hardcover. The fact that the books weren't going to be of the same size really bothered me. (But once again that's just me, I'm odd I guess—but I do still prefer an actual copy of the book)

message 7: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Haney (haneyg) | 40 comments Mod
I completely agree with you Shawn! I think that changing the physical size of the books halfway through a series is just awful. If you start a series in one format, then you need to finish it in the same manner.

I am glad I am not alone in this opinion!

message 8: by Shawn (new)

Shawn (stk_kreations) Haha, likewise. I thought I was the only odd one. I have plenty other books I need to get, so hopefully by the time all that's over there will be some word as to whether or not a set or omnibus will be released. I know Science Fiction Book Club has been releasing omnibus editions of the Dresden books.

Archimedes Grimm | 5 comments I'm DEFINITELY someone who loves physical books (and needs them to be in the same size and cover type), but I do have a kindle as well - for all those "filler" books one buys to while away the time between your favourite author's books coming out and because it's cheaper. It does lose something in the actual feel while you are reading, but it travels so much better (I like my books to be in as good a condition as they possibly can be) and you can do other things while reading that you just can't do with a regular book.

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