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Alice followed the curios white rabbit farther and farther away from home till she didn't know where she was. She came to a stop at a huge rabbit hole that he (the rabbit) had jumped into. She could almost swear that she'd seen him take out a pocket watch before the rabbit jumped through the hole. Alice peered into the immensely gaigantic rabbit hole. It was pitch black from what she could see and it seemed like a long way down.Alice leened over it a little closer and the ground undernieght her collapsed and she fell down and down and down. Alice sreamed waiting for the time when she would hit the bottom of the hole. It hadn't come, she waited longer, it still hadn't come. Alice stopped screaming. Now she could see a red light ahead. Suddenly objects flew by her at random as she got closer to the light. Clocks and bells and thing she couldn't make out. And then she hit it. Ground. But it hadn't hurt. It was soft? Alice lifted her head up to look around. "what?" she questioned her surroundings. She observed what the soft object that broke her fall was. It was huge, bizzare checkered bed! Getiing hold of herself Alice slid off the bed to the floor. She looked up. It was just black. "I must find another way out" she muttered to herself. She searched the room for a door or a hole. Alice had to look hard to find it but there was a door! The problem was it was so small only a mouse could fit in it. Alice thought it was worth a try so she walked over to the minisule door and pulled on the handle.(can someone be the weird talking doorknob??)

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NoOtherOneButU ((arent we going to make charries ))

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((sure i'll make a folder))

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((Can we rp here))

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