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Reborn, Chapter 2 (part 2)

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(((I'm sooooorrrryy it's so long)))

“Of course, not like I’m gonna be dead from a little cold, just a little under the weather.” I gave him a half-hearted smile and approached the sweater fiend‘s desk. Steven lingered in the hall, watching me, fretting about my every move, cute, but irritating.
Steven had only freaked out on me twice before and they were both worse than this but still. The first time was after our first kiss.
I’m an extreme control freak if you can’t tell, like the fact that I keep track of months to a crazy extent. Anyways, after our first kiss that I planted, might I add, he flung himself out of my house. He was good and gone in a matter of seconds. He didn’t break the kiss. He actually kissed me back and harder, but when I pulled away reluctantly to breathe, he went crazy.
The time before that was when I tried to take off my birthday necklace which was a month into dating. It didn’t match my outfit since it had a big red gem and I had a blue dress on. Leah and Stacy weren’t my friends anymore, but I invited them to make my mom happy. Even though we weren’t friends they’ll always be fashion zombies so they were coaxing me to take off the necklace. That’s when Steven lost it and went completely berserk. I couldn’t tell if he didn’t want me to lose it, if he just didn’t want them controlling me, or if I just wasn’t allowed to take it off. Since Steven was going crazy I denied my ex-friends’ request and kept the ruby on. I have yet to take it off.
After I received Mr. Clipton’s pager, cell, home phone number, email, and a promise that my mom will get back to him, I was allowed to leave. With a pleasant trip to the nurses and a call to my mom, I began walking home. I love those days you don’t feel so horrible that your dying of illness, but bad enough to just rest at home because that gave me comic book time. Yes, I know, I’m a loser. I just can’t get over those things though. The action and magic just make everything so less boring. I can get lost in those for hours. I sometimes wish I were the heroin or D.I.D. (Damsel in Distress).
I knew I’d have to walk home since mom was still at work. She was a manager at a sports store. Neither her nor I are sporty people, but my little sister is, Annabella. I love to read and go to movies. I would consider it the fine arts but in no way am I a dancer or singer like my sister. She’s top cheerleader and dancer. It was a nice October day, not freezing thank goodness. It’s been decently warm for fall in New Jersey, which would have sucked since I had a ten-minute walk ahead of me. Walking away from school before you’re supposed too is always a nice feeling. I glanced back towards the school when something caught my eye. I began laughing immediately. These little things in life humor me. Now don’t get me wrong, I might not spirit for my school, but I don’t hate it. Sometimes others schools are hilarious though. Someone, probably from the West Coast Academy vandalized the football field. Each yard line consisted of a letter. It read-


We are the East Coast Thumpers. Yes, I know rabbits aren’t scary, but we’re known for artistic skills, not sports. It is funny to see a giant bunny running around on game days. Leah, Stacy, and I always joked about our mascot since we were the rabid rabbits. That graffiti brightened up my day.
Without realizing it, I had backed up into the street. It was hard to read that message from the sidewalk. And to be honest, I have a huge fear of cars, well being hit by one. Just think about it. You’re playing in the street- don’t ask me why- and WHAM you get taken out by a car. Exactly why I’m scared to poop of them. Luckily, no cars were coming towards to me. Too bad I was looking in the wrong direction for cars.

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Mary (ambells) Intriguing! Is he like stealing from her energy or something that makes her sick?

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thank you!
you'll have to see :)

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Mary (ambells) I guess I will! Reason why I keep my eyes open. ;) But patience is a virtue so I will patiently wait.

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haha this is true

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