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Reborn, Chapter 2 (part 1)

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I saw Stacy and Leah today. We usually try and avoid each other, but today was inevitable. It was tater tot day. The only safe thing to eat at our school is tater tots and pizza –delivered pizza, might I add. Everyone crams into a line and of course, I’m stuck cheek to cheek with those two. Stacy didn’t even notice me. I didn’t exist in her world, which was a compliment compared to Leah’s reaction. She just stared at me like she was supposed to know me. Like every other person in the school who tries to put my face to a name and can’t come up with the real one.
Naturally, I went directly to Steven and whined. He gave me a reassuring hug and my bubble was complete again. After we hit our eight months of dating he became more of a boyfriend. We became more attached. In no way was he clingy, but he actually holds my hand in public on a regular basses now. His hands are always so clammy, but I find it reassuring for some reason. Sometimes things just spark memories randomly. And his clammy hands sometimes just sparked this one memory of the four of us.
Just before Steven and I began going out I introduced him to Stacy and Leah. Stacy has always been beautiful. She had the longest hair at school. It hung just past her butt and it was the prettiest shade of blonde a girl could ask for. It wasn’t dirty blonde but naturally golden. It gradually curled out into loose ringlets naturally of course. I’ve never seen acne on her skin and her brilliant blue eyes always shined. Leah always stood between us when we walked since she was a cute combination of the two of us. She had light brown hair that hung to the middle of her back. Her hair was lighter than mine but still dark. She had bright rosy cheeks and some startling light blue eyes. That’s how our walking pattern went me, with my pale skin, large smile, dark brown hair, and honey eyes, followed by Leah with her pale skin, high cheek bones, lighter brown hair, and sky blue eyes, and Stacy with her peachy skin, long silky yellow hair, and deep blue eyes. Even with those two as my best friends no one ever noticed me. Maybe because they were so great that there wasn’t room for me. And their personalities never mimicked their looks. They somehow always stayed down to earth with all their beauty. Since second grade we’ve always been together. Stacy went off in middle school to play soccer and Leah got a fashion internship over the summer, yet we were still all super close. They were glamour crazy but still looked out for me. They were naturally nice to everyone, but sometimes they were stubborn. Actually, they usually were stubborn. The day they went out with Steven and I was no acceptation.
After a casual dinner we went over to the playground, my idea. I just love the comfort of the swings and slides. As we goofed off on the monkey bars I realized we were like a pack. Stacy and Leah fought over alpha wolf and I was the runt. Steven took the role as the outsider and we were waiting for the alphas’ approval. Everything was going great until Stacy grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to a corner with Leah waiting.
“This little game is over Julie. We know he isn’t your type and you’re under his spell. It’s weird. Just stop Julie. We don’t approve and we just want what’s best.” Stacy wouldn’t let go of my arm.
“Stacy’s right. We both agree. He’s not right, ya know? Something’s wrong here. Trust us and leave him. You don’t really like him. And we’re not telling you whom you can like, but we already know it’s not him.”
“Please Julia. Just apologize. Tell him you’re not comfortable with this or something and come home with us. We can find you someone so much better. We’re doing this because you haven’t had a guy and you’re just going to get hurt. He’s not here for good reasons-“
“-We can feel it.” They were both pleading. I couldn’t even speak. My mouth was dry. I thought everything was going great and it took the wrong turn.
I looked over towards Steven. His eyes were set upon me from a distance. He had a stern expression. As soon as my eyes locked with his I knew what I had to do. He was right. His eyes just screamed it too me.
Julie come back to me. We were meant to be.
As they continued to scold me about the bad things about Steven I just watch his face, his eyes. He looked certain; certain that the next event was meant to take place. He slowly nodded as the ideas turned in my mind. The event that I knew would take places when the words escape my mouth. I took action never removing eye contact with Steven.
Stacy was still speaking. “Julietta we love you so much and we want what’s best for you. Please. Just give it a rest. He’s out to get you. He’s just a mon-“
“Monster? You think he’s the monster? Are you listening to yourselves? You’re being so shallow. Slamming a boy you just met because you don’t want me happy. He’s perfect for me. You’re right, I’m under his spell and I couldn’t be happier about it. If you can’t be happy for me then just leave. You always have the spotlights and if you can’t accept my time to shine with someone great then go. I don’t need you. Better yet, I don’t want you! You two are the monsters.” I tore my eyes away from Steven’s. I felt so strange. I felt empowered yes, but nauseous like I wasn’t the one who said everything. Their eyes told the story of sheer distaste and disbelief. They turned their backs and walked away. Before I could even have the events play back in my head Leah turned around.
“You’ll be sorry Julie. We tried to help you.” I crumbled to the mulch in tears. I couldn’t apologize to them. I had second thoughts about those two. Maybe they were right; maybe they were the ones who I needed. Maybe I was under his little lover’s control. I glanced up at him through my teary eyes. No! I knew I had to stay with Steven. We had to be together. His eyes said so. He took my hand for the first time and we departed.
Those clammy hands helped. They were always so damp and sticky like someone who was nervous or better yet, like someone had just worked out and were getting sweaty everywhere. We walked to Mr. Clipton’s class after lunch hand-in-hand. It’s weird to be starting an entirely new year as upperclassmen and have the same English teacher and same desk partner. Steven and I were still together in seating arrangements. Victor Long sat next to me for the first day but he changed his English class rather quickly. Maybe it was Mr.Clipton. Mr. Clipton always had bizarre foods. He was a health freak even though he was as fat as a walrus. After my parent’s divorce when I was a fourth grader, my mom started dating weird guys. She actually almost dated my teacher. TV drama, I know. It obviously didn’t work out thank goodness.
Today he was eating somewhat edible foods. It looked normal, a salad with some other stuff in it, but that smell. It was wonderful! I can’t put my finger on it, so familiar. My new priority for the next two minutes was to figure out those ingredients.
“Good morning Mr. Clipton. What, may I ask are you eating?” I was hoping my innocent smile was shinning through.
“Well, Miss Morgan, if one was to look closely upon my food, you’d see that it’s call a salad.” He was one of those jerk teachers that just had to put others down and prove their superiority. It was like he had to prove himself in the off chance that there would, one day be a student smarter than him even though he was enough of a smart-mouth for the class.
“I can see that Mr. Clipton. What’s in it besides the usual base for a salad?” My smile was straining to stay placed on my face. The sass of my true feelings towards him started to seep into my words.
“Miss Morgan, if you use your eyes for further use than staring at Mr. Johnson you’d be able to identify that I have roasted almonds, and apple slices. I sometimes mix tangerines in my meals; your mother might enjoy the dish. Would you like me to write it down? I don’t expect you to remember it.” His voice always arched an octave lower when he went to make a point or prove superior.
“Apples and almonds. Huh.” I murmured to myself. Now that was puzzling.
“Excuse me Miss Morgan? You shouldn’t mumble. I think you learned that in grade school, but sometimes I am uncertain about that.” He sinisterly grin, he just loved this.
“No Mr. Clipton,” I couldn’t keep the venom out of my voice. My mind was yelling ‘just because mom dumped you and your lame sweaters, doesn’t make me inferior.’ “I can remember that.” I smiled the fakest smile on earth and stalked to my seat.
I don’t know why, but something about that scent just killed me. It was so frustrating not knowing why it bothered me. Like déjà vu, but with a scent. I’ve smelled it before, but I can’t place it.
Steven was already at his seat with a question mark written upon his face. I shook my head and scooted into my seat. One thing I loved about Steven was he kept his curiosity to himself. He didn’t ask stupid questions and all the time. He gave me time to think. Steve didn’t even ask the same question in return. For example, if I asked if he liked the meat surprise at lunch and we both ate it, he wouldn’t ask the same question in return. He only asked questions when he truly cared about it or should care, not out of curtsy. If I wanted to say something I had to do it on my own and not be prodded by questions.
We sat silently throughout class. Actually, the entire class was silent since we were taking a pop quiz over Edgar Allen Poe’s story “The Tell-Tale Hearts.” You know, the story about a guy who cut up this old guy because he didn’t like his eye and shoved his remains under the floorboards. The murderer went mad saying he could hear the heartbeat of the dead guy under the floorboards. He ended up confessing to a cop. It is an intense story, but not of utter importance to me at the moment. I’m suppose to have this short story by Roald Dahl called “The Landlady” finished by tomorrow, but I don’t feel like doing that either.
I just sat there and stared at my quiz unable to concentrate on ‘what was the reason the narrator killed the old man?’ I just sat there and stared blankly at my paper. I had no alone time to think for myself recently and with my encounter with the Stacy and Leah earlier, I just needed the time.
Why aren’t we friends anymore? What exactly did they do wrong? I feel like this was a misunderstanding. Why am I dying to eat Mr. Clipton’s salad? I’m craving it like my sister craves pink ponytails. This quiz is so dumb. Answer one, his stupid eye. Duh. Who wouldn’t get that? But why fill in the answer? Why even try? Why can’t my friends and I just enjoy a health freak salad together right now? Ugh, I don’t feel so hot. I thought.
I jumped about twenty feet. The bell scared the poop out of me. Something was wrong with me. I never jump at the bell.
“-Earth to Julie… Julia!”
“What?” I looked up into Steven worried eyes. I didn’t need my friends with him here.
“What’s wrong? You didn’t even write your name on the quiz. Did you wanna copy mine really fast?” His expression of compassion never faltered as he helped me stand up. Our eyes were locked.
“No, I’ll be okay. I’m just gonna go home and sleep. I’m just feeling kinda icky. Plus Mr. Clipton is still crazy about my mom so I can just work that and take it tomorrow.”
“Want me to walk you to the nurse’s room? I can get a pass? You sure you’re feeling alright?” He never fretted about me, but when he did it was a spazz attack.
“No hun, you’re fine. Call me after school. If I don’t answer I’m asleep.” I wasn’t going to sleep, but I always need that excuse.
“Okay. Do you think you’ll be here tomorrow?” He made a small gesture to my desk.

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Mary (ambells) Finally I managed to get on and read!
:( I'm so sorry her friends were so selfish, though they must have felt something about him she couldn't, ne?
Runs to the other post to read.

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