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Strange Cargo (Western Lights, #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Steampunk-ish science fiction, flying grocer, cursed mirror [s]

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Diana Welsch | 529 comments I'm usually pretty good at finding these, but I'm thinking of this really bizarre book I read a couple years ago and am coming up with nothing. It was an adult science fiction book that probably came out in the 1990s or 2000s.

It was set in a bizarro-London where mastodons and saber-tooth tigers were still alive, and technology was sort of at a steampunk stage. There were a few plots that intertwined in various places.

What I remember:

A former grocer who had inherited an estate and lots of money from his rich wife. He inherited her maid and butler too and they hated him. He had some weird pet mammoth named Ladyfinger (I think) that stunk really bad. He liked to tinker in his carriage-house-turned-workshop with his Dickensian young lad apprentice. They made the workshop fly with the help of this weird magnetic rock, and then got stranded somewhere and the saber tooth tigers were after them.

A really gorgeous young woman with a pet monkey who came to the city to try and get rid of this cursed mirror. Turns out she had been a religious sacrifice in a previous life in an Mesopotamia/Greece and the gods wanted her back. A monster kept chasing her and this magical guy in a top hat kept trying to rescue her.

This boarding house where a lot of people stayed, and the cook was always trying to freak out the young butler.

A couple of rich people and their elderly accountant were travelling to this London-ish place to see if they could locate this mysterious person who was listed in their parents' will. An evil spirit was dogging them, and it was the spirit of the dead estate owner, who was mad because the accountant had actually forged the person into the will.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Diana Welsch | 529 comments OK, sorry, I just found it. It was Strange Cargo by Jeffrey Barlough.

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