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Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 187 comments Mod
Discussion thread for Stargate SG1 - #14 - Valhalla
Stargate SG-1: Valhalla
Stargate SG-1 Valhalla (SG1, #14) by Tim Waggoner

What did you think of the plot? Characters? Writing? Any favorite dialogue/scenes? Share your thoughts and comments below!

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth  (canadianbeth) | 28 comments This was an easier read than Hydra as there was a lot less technobabble. Basically there were two different stories, much like the episodes an A and a B which wound up together at the end. The team visits a world with Viking warriors doing an eternal battle, while Jonas (remember him from season 6?) is working on his planet to develop a planetary defense system. Throw in a renegade Asgard, a Tok'ra and some of the galaxy's greatest scourge and it makes for an interesting adventure for our heroes.

Great line - O"Neill: "Make it so..........What? I heard it on a TV show once and thought I'd try it out".

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