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message 1: by SpottiPup407 (new)

SpottiPup407 AKA, Dapplekit | 27 comments Hello, fellow group.This is Dapplekit.I am having a group contest, and was wondering if you wish to enter.If you do, then please join this group called Contest Time((I'll get the link later))But here are some things you should know about the contest:


Most Active
Least Active
Most Members
Least Members
Most Amount of Comments the Creator Has
Least Amount of Comments the Creator Has
Most Organized in the End
Least Organized in the End
Most Friendliest Mods
Least Friendliest Mods
Most Active Mods
Least Active Mods

2378614 Rules:

During the contest, you may try to do as much organization as you wish.
You may enter five groups, no more, unless you notify me or one of the mods/judges and get it approved.
You may enter three categories, no more, to have your group in.
You must choose from one of the categories that I posted, or notify me and get it approved of.

That's all for now.Soon there'll be more rules.

But if you wish to enter the contest, you must register your group in the group Contest Time, and choose which category you wish to enter it.Thank you.


Christa (is on top of the world!) (obsesedwbooks) lol I can so win the least active.
btw sry for not commenting much. I'll try to comment more when the competions over but untill then you won't be hearing from me.

message 3: by Silver (new)

Silver for least active, is it least amount of activity ever in the group, or longest time period since anything happened?

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message 5: by Silver (new)

Silver I can still tell who the deleted "members" are from the style of writing.

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