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message 1: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
The cast has been officially released! What do you guys think of Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen? I think he's absolutely perfect.

message 2: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Haha, finally someone else who agrees! I would never have thought to cast Robert Pattinson as Edward, until I actually remembered who he was! He is exactly the Edward I would want! :D

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

at first i hated the idea of him playing edward but now i can see him playing the dream guy!

message 4: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Yeah, when I first heard that he played in Harry Potter, I had my doubts. But then I saw him in a picture with Kristen Stewart and they are so perfect for eachother!

message 5: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Haha, I know what you mean! I thought that too of Kristen. But, have you seen her in "Speak"? You should definitely watch that movie. It shows how good of an actress she is, and it made me realize that she is the perfect Bella. I love Ashley Green aswell! She is so perfect for Alice. And I think Emmett is really good too.

Carlisle is absolutely perfect! What do you guys think of Esme? The girl from Gray's Anatomy...? I think she'll do okay, but I kind of thought it would be someone a lot prettier...Oh well! :)

message 6: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:34AM) (new)

now that i have done some searching i found another guy that would have played a good edward to. his name is Gaspard Ulliel. and i also think that Henery Cavill would play a good Emmett.

i'm not so happey with Esme=[ i thought she would b a little younger and a lot prettier.

Ashley Green looks pretty much like wat i thought Alice would look like, but the girl playing Rosalie isn't drop dead gorgous like she should be.

i was kind of disapointed in bella and thought that they could do a little better there.

Sharkboy will do ok for Twilight as Jacob but if they do [book:New Moon|] he will need to mature and get buff! i saw a guy at a State Leadership Conference for FCCLA that looked like wat i thought he should look like(minus the braces he was wearing) when i pointed him out to my friend she totally agreed. but it was kind of creepy...

message 7: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Yes, I have heard from a lot of peple that they like Gaspard Ulliel. He is very good looking, but I don't really know if I could see him having a sensitive side like we know Edward has. But, he would definitely be a good choice!!!

Haha! When I saw the picture of Jacob, I thought "Hmm, I know him from somewhere..." Then, later that night, my little brother was watching Shark Boy And Lava Girl. I started laughing so hard when I realized that Jacob was Sharkboy. First a shark, now a werewolf. haha.

I do the same thing! I will be driving in my car, and look out the window and yell "HE COULD BE EDWARD!!!" or "She looks like Esme!" All my friends laugh at me.. :)

message 8: by Hilary (last edited Jun 05, 2008 03:00PM) (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Haha, I would have called the cops if someone was yelling like that at me! :D

Yeah, you're right about Gaspard, he'd make a good vampire. They've definitely chosen some good ones! :)

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

yep they have!

message 10: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Yeah, I saw Jaspar as more "manly" after hearing about his past and stuff...I don't know why they chose that actor. He is cute and everything though! And perfect for Alice :)

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

i think that they could have varied from the book and made his hair brown... and Rosalie's could have been brown too. i just think it looks funny with them having blonde hair...

message 12: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
I actually pictured Rosalie as blonde... But, I could see her with brown hair too, I guess.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

i always pictured Jasper with brown hair and Rosalie with blonde but for the movie if they want them to look like they are siblings they would either have to have them b blonde or brown...

message 14: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Ohh okay. Well, yeah, I like the hair that is in the movie right now. I think it fits what I pictured them to be. But, thats just me. Everywhere you go there is going to be something different.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

yea but the blonde is almost to blonde, i thought it was like a soft blonde not a penitrating blonde.

Isabella Marie Swan | 6 comments i actually pictured Bella with longer dark sort of blakish type hair kinda the way mine looks but i imagined hers as being longer. i also pictured alice with short blonde hair and jasper with light brown hair, i thought emmett would have like dark brown buzz-cutt hair and, i imagined edward with dark brown blakish hair like the same color as bella's but definatley shorter like not too short but short.

Isabella Marie Swan | 6 comments as for esme and calisle i imagined them both as blonde, and rosalie i dont kow why but i could jsut see her with long flowy redish brown hair.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

I no but to the ppl out of the lope they are suppose to b siblings and they should look it.

message 19: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
I don't look anything like my siblings! Haha, one has blonde hair, the other black...and I have brown :D

message 20: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (hilary_cullen) | 164 comments Mod
Yep, there ya go.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

to awnser your question Laura in my own opinion it's cuz everyone else in Forks thinks that they are siblings, and i kind of look like my sister but she looks more like my mom and i look more like my real dad...

Isabella Marie Swan | 6 comments I Love Edward Cullen! And I Love Robert Pattinson as Edward he is Absolutely Perfect for the role of Edward!!!

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

i think that Robert is okay... not the best but it will work, the person playing Esme should be younger and prettier isnt she supposed to be to young to have teenage children??, alice's actor is perfect, Rosalie's character should be pretties, Victoria's charcter= perfect, Bella's actor is good. thats all ive looked at....

♠BlueƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷFangs♠ (killinginnocent) | 2 comments At first I thought Robert Pattinson was horrible for Edward, but, now I think I'm getting used to it...

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

same here

message 26: by Lulliannie (new)

Lulliannie (lullisbooks) I agree with Rachel on everything she said

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)


message 28: by Lakshmi (new)

Lakshmi | 2 comments isnt Rosale suppose to have blonde hair, u know when Jake made blonde jokes about her? whatever, i think they picked a fairley good charector for Rosale although she is suppose to be amazingly beautiful.

message 29: by Nelly (last edited Sep 18, 2008 07:02PM) (new)

Nelly Lavaud (chaptershakedown22) I am sorry but I am not in agreement of having Robert Pattinson as the Edward character. The way that Meyer described Edward he just seemed way hotter, like Jake Gyllenhall type or even Ryan Gosling (though Jake would make a great Emmett) and as for Rosalie, I thought she'd be WAYYYY prettier, the girl they chose was eh, alright but not as magnificently beautiful as they describe. Carisle is perfect, and Esme is ok too.. The guy that they chose for EMMETT is just GORGEOUS. Jasper's character is cute. I wonder what they're going to do with Jake. Cause damnit Jake sounds so hot! The person that they cast has to be buff and tall and just YUMMY! (sorry I'm digressing) I hope the movie sticks to the story line and that its as good on screen as it is in my head. I can't wait. Just another month and some odd change to go! UGH its almost unbearable.

message 30: by Nelly (new)

Nelly Lavaud (chaptershakedown22) Ok, I take it back.. I'm sorry Rob Pattinson makes a great EDWARD... I didn't realize how hot he was... I just keep remmebering him as Cedric Diggory. But just saw on SM's website the behind the scenes and its ok now. I'm happy with him as Edward..

I am going to have to wait to see how the movie comes out.. I think I'm in love!

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

i love the whole the cast that they picked for twilight espcailly edward. i cant wait for the movie!

message 32: by Christina (new)

Christina i think they picked the perfect edward cullen
i love robert pattinson!!!

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)


message 34: by Jay-wa (new)

Jay-wa I watched some of the trailers, and screamed. Thats the thing I don't like about books turning into movies, you lose a lot of detail and no one ever looks the same to everybody, but it still seems like it'll be an OK movie.
(the blonde jokes were the BEST)

message 35: by Meg (new)

Meg H | 5 comments I like all the movie they made

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