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message 1: by Héctor (last edited May 05, 2008 03:08PM) (new)

message 2: by Héctor (new)

Héctor Meditation by Philippe Quint

message 3: by Florita (new)

Florita (ms_rita) | 220 comments Mod
He's our friend on myspace 8-).

So many videos for me to watch when I get home. Thank you.

I still think you should have a Héctor channel on youtube. It would be great.

message 4: by Héctor (new)

Héctor Give me time and I will move the whole world!!

message 5: by Florita (new)

Florita (ms_rita) | 220 comments Mod
I believe you!

message 6: by Florita (new)

Florita (ms_rita) | 220 comments Mod
Katharina is barely bigger than her violin, bless her.

message 7: by Emma (new)

Emma Iadanza (emmaiadanza) My science teacher made me play Meditation for him. I sight read it. Don't get the big deal..

LobsterQuadrille I think the only Massenet piece I've knowingly heard is "Meditation" from "Thais", but I love this piece!

message 9: by Frank (new)

Frank McAdam I went on Thursday evening to the Met to hear Manon. I thought Damrau was superb with Grigolo, especially in their confrontation in the third act.

message 10: by Julie (new)

Julie (choxevani) | 12 comments Héctor wrote: "Jules Massenet - Meditation from Thais"

that was gorgeous! shame on me, but I have never really listened to much Massenet. I'll have to change this now!

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