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message 1: by N.V.R. (new)

N.V.R.  Moore (nvrmoore) | 60 comments Mod
Stephenie says she started writing Twilight after she saw Edward and Bella together in a dream. She wrote the series over the summer and, despite knowing next to nothing about the publishing world, had a three book deal with Little Brown within six months (Woohoo!).

What do you think about that? Have any of you had similar experiences?

message 2: by Colleen (new)

Colleen This is actually what caused me to pick up the series.

I had a similar sort of experience when I had a dream that really moved me, and actually introduced some 'characters' to me too, so to speak. When Stephanie shared that, I felt a real connection with her, and better still, her books did not disappoint!!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Didn't the Harry Potter Series start with a dream?

message 4: by N.V.R. (new)

N.V.R.  Moore (nvrmoore) | 60 comments Mod
According to JK, the Potter series started on a long train ride to London.

It's really amazing where inspiration hits, isn't it? For instance, the YA Paranormal series I'm working on hit me during a phone call I was on while washing laundry at the laundromat. Cleaned my clothes and walked out with a series! Who would've thunk it? LOL

Stephenie has actually been an inspiration for that series too, along with JK.

message 5: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin It's funny how it all started with a dream! It seems really cool that way.

message 6: by TK (new)

TK (talbiedoodle) | 41 comments I think it is buitiful that she got the idea from a dream!! And the dream was the most buitiful, romantic, most important part in the hole saga! And just to think that if she never had the dream or didn't think anything of the dream than there would be no twilight.

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