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This book is really intense

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Taylor this book is very intense i definatly think there is a maturity level to unsderstand this book

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Rachelle intense but well done. brought up great discussions when my two kids and i listened to it on tape

Lynng i guess you could say it was intense but it also had a lack of suspense

Holly I loved this book!!!!!! It was suspenseful and funny and E.L. Konigsburg is such a fantastic writer!!!!!

4wierdo98 Suspense. This book proves the power of friendship.

Kersten Mason It proves the power of love and devotion. If Conner gave up on Branwell, nobody would have figured out that Vivian was such a cruel woman. Conner probably had a lot of pressure on his shoulders trying to get Branwell to talk.

Chin123 intense book and kinda awkward with Vivian.

Kersten Mason Vivian is a very sick minded women. Thanks to Conner she's not still baby-sitting Nikki. And Branwell doesn't have to put up with her craziness.

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Ana I really liked it, it was really intense but so good and deep, it really shows how powerful friendship and love are, and that you should never give up.My teacher had recomended it to me and it took me some moths to really get the book in my hands and opend to the first page, I always thought it was gonna be about little "kid detective" stuff and than was ashamed of my self for ever thinking that, I absolutly loved it and may wanna read it later in some years when I am maybe like 18 to see the difference in my opinions, I am only 12 now.

Kersten Mason Yeah, defiantly not 'kid detective'! I read this book so many times. My friends read it too although none of them enjoyed as much as I had hoped they would. Their loss!

Laura Fuxa I didn't like it. It was sort of intense if you didn't figure it out after the first part of the book. I did and I almost didn't finish the book.

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