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Grieg - Piano Concerto (Martha Argerich with Sven-Gunnar Andrén and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. October 6, 1968)

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Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments Where is this statue?
We don't hear enough about Grieg. Wonderful!

message 5: by Héctor (new)

Héctor It's in Troldhaugen, Barbara...

Troldhaugen was the home of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, located in his hometown, Bergen. His and his wife's ashes rest inside a mountain tomb near the house. The house itself and its surroundings are now a Grieg museum. Edvard Grieg himself called the building "my best composition hitherto", although the building was designed by his cousin, the architect Schak Bull. The name comes from trold meaning "troll" and haug from the Old Norse word haugr meaning "knoll". Grieg is reputed to have said that children called the nearby small valley "The Valley of Trolls" and thus gave the name for his building as well. In 1985, a small concert hall was built in the valley. Below the concert hall lies Grieg's small Composer's Hut. Grieg immortalized the name of his home in one of his piano pieces, "Wedding-Day at Troldhaugen", Opus 65, No. 6.

message 6: by Maria (new)

Maria | 27 comments This is amazing, amazing. Barbara, we're going. Hector, thank you.

message 7: by Barbara H (last edited Apr 15, 2010 12:22PM) (new)

Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments I have a CD with the Wedding Day... Thanks for the info and lovely photos, Hector.

Maria, name the time!

message 8: by Maria (last edited Apr 15, 2010 04:30PM) (new)

Maria | 27 comments Don't think I won't. My parents raved about Scandinavia and it's on my list, which is not actually so long.

Hector, you have done me a real service. (I must also see at least one of Beethoven's pianos. Do you have info?)

Barb, how about right after a reacquaintance with London?

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Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments Maria, you are right on target!! L& H can stay home and read!

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Héctor María:

The Norwegian pianist Liv Glaser said: "The Norwegian Academy of Music obtained a copy of a Walter instrument from the 1790s, and later bought an original Alois Graff from 1825. At a Chopin seminar in Geneva I met David Winston, who restores old instruments. He had restored Beethoven’s piano, among other items, and had an old Erard instrument."

Here the Erard Piano:

Here the Broadwood Grand Piano:

You can find it in the Hungarian National Museum.

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Grieg - 3 Lyric Pieces (by Liv Glaser, fortepiano Erard 1853)

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Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments Thanks again, Hector. You have given us some really nice information.

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Maria | 27 comments Wow, Hector! Thanks so much!

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David William Elswick | 100 comments

Piano Concerto in A Minor (pianist: Leif Ove Andsnes, Berliner Philharmoniker)

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