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Should I read The Golden Compass? Why?

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message 1: by Caron (new)

Caron  (caron_sharp) | 4 comments I enjoyed the movie so much. Very cool visual effects, not to mention the groovy talking bear. IS the book as good as the movie? Should I waste my time with the book? Thanks gentleman and ladies for your feedback.

Ms. Sharp

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee (darsij2543) | 3 comments I heard that it's an awesome book but i couldn't get through the first 30 pages. The movie looked good but i never saw it. you should read the "Tales of the Otori." After the first 20 pages it rocks. It's a three book series

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara Definitely, if only because Pullman's the best fantasy writer out there, in terms of style and depth. I read all three in the trilogy, and really loved the first two. The third, Amber Spyglass, dragged a bit-- too much time in the underworld, and the anti-religion jabs were unnecessary, sophomoric, and beneath his brilliance. Also, when you read Golden Compass, you can make Lion, Witch, Wardrobe contrasts. Lyra vs. Lucy, and in both books, all the magic begins in a wardrobe.

message 4: by Caron (new)

Caron  (caron_sharp) | 4 comments Cool! I am going to read it!

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