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Formatting Question

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message 1: by Derek (new)

Derek (cartwright) | 2 comments Hey guys, I signed up to be a librarian on goodreads mostly so I could clean up the RPG books which are in horrible dissaray. I want your opinion on the format for the various editions of D&D books. Which do you prefer.

Player's Handbook (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook 2nd Edition)

Player's Handbook (Advanded Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook v.2)

The reason I ask is I want everything to be standardized (I'm anal that way) and while the 1st certainly looks better it doesn't work as well with v.3.5 which is the real hitching point.

message 2: by Nivekian (new)

Nivekian | 1 comments I totally agree, I ran into the same question last year and decided to avoid it... I definitely like the looks of option 1, mainly because that's what is printed on the books.

message 3: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan | 4 comments I vote for the second option.

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