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message 1: by Ken (last edited Apr 06, 2008 01:13PM) (new)

Ken | 18355 comments Mod
I'm thinking this topic could be a word dump of sorts -- a place where each member can create his/her own thread with his/her own title to return to whenever. Why? I don't know. Call it a blog. Call it a rant. Call it a philosophical letter to the world. Or simply call it what's on your mind.

It's a place to just enter your thoughts and play with words in a stream of consciousness manner. It could be what you're reading about lately and how it's resonating with you; it could be about what you read long ago, and why it STILL resonates (or doesn't) with you; it could be philosophical or mundane; it could be your hopes and fears. And you can post entries in it as often as you wish (weekly, daily, or bi-annually).

The rest of us? While minding our own threads, we're free to pipe in and respond to your thoughts and questions (rhetorical or not!).

A completely optional folder, but I thought some Word Meisters here might like it. We'll see!


Go to the top of Language & Grammar's home page and click NEW TOPIC. This will take you to a new page where you will put your name (or some creative riff with your name) as the TOPIC. For the folder, click the DOWN ARROW on the right and SELECT THE STREAMS of CONSCIOUSNESS folder. Now type your first post in the big box, hit SAVE, and voila (or viola, if you're musical).

You're off to the races -- win, place, or show!

message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken | 18355 comments Mod
REMINDER: You can ask questions, cry hosannas, or throw brickbats here, but you're supposed to create your own brand spanking new thread by:

1. Clicking New Topics on L & G's homepage.

2. Clicking the down arrow on the right side of FOLDERS.

3. Selecting the STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS folder.

4. Titling the new topic with your name (or a creative riff with your name).

5. Posting your first "Today in the Funhouse That Is My Mind" post...

message 3: by Prabha (last edited Apr 07, 2008 10:39PM) (new)

Prabha | 70 comments Gosh this reminds me of Newengland Journal! I have fond memories of that's where 'it all began' so to speak.

Thanks for starting this thread NE.

message 4: by Debbie, sardonic princess of cheerfulness (new)

Debbie (sardonicprincessofcheerfulness) | 6387 comments Mod
I feel the same way Prabha....good to see you back by the way!

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