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message 1: by Lolo (new)

Lolo I liked it all, in fact in many ways Fox was better than Inda BUT I don't think I'll like where it's going..too much heartache awaits I can just tell! and also the author seems hell bound to marry couples that DO NOT love each other. I liked the whole duty before heart thing at first but suddenly it was too much. I mean Hadand broke my heart and Tau with his denial about jeje (really if jeje doesn't get her Happy ever after there will be some serious sulking) my feelings are all over the place when it comes to this series

message 2: by Matt (new)

Matt Carl (pressenter) I finished yesterday. I have to admit when I read I don't really pay attention to chapters at all and I like to save my thoughts for the end.

I breezed through part one, and thought that continued the story perfectly, but after the Brotherhood was defeated, it seemed like the story dragged on with not much happening, and then introducing new characters from the Venn side seemed to widen the scope almost too much.

Still, I liked the way it ended, and I am definitely curious how things play out going forward. There's a lot of mystery, especially about the Norsunder.

message 3: by Jana (new)

Jana (penguininabluebox) I just finished and much like Matt I also prefer to save my thoughts for the end. Well, I liked part one a lot, it was even better than Inda and I really like Fox as a character. But I also felt that in part 2 some parts were a bit dragged out and would've been happier if the book had been a bit shorter at some points. But I'm really interested to see where the story is going in the next one and really enjoyed this book overall :)

message 4: by Tara (new)

Tara (tarabyt3) I'm with Lolo on Tau and Jeje... No but seriously, I think I liked it slightly less than Inda but only slightly! I'm torn on Fox (the character) and I'm waiting to see what happens with him. I am also happy to have the addition of some other peoples and locations in this world because things are really starting to open up in terms of world-building.

I have said multiple times that I dislike the ending of The Fox because ARGH what a terrible place to stop (for me). Can't WAIT until next month to start reading the next book. :D

message 5: by Shannon T (new)

Shannon T | 6 comments I agree with many of the opinions above including the ending to part one being more climatic, JeJe and Tau (seriously need to end up together or I will be so sad) and adding the Venn perspective to the storyline was pushing it a little in terms of both content and length of the story. Nevertheless, it was wonderful! I'm extremely invested in this story and the characters in a way I haven't been in a while.

Also, am I the only one shipping Inda and Tdor like mad despite their last interactions were in the first part of Inda and were so young when they were separated? I really hope they end up falling in love because I think they always just connected with one another. I also hope both Evred and Hadand find happiness since their relationship is so complicated. Smith does not have a problem creating some heartwrenching moments so I'm both excited and anxious to see what happens next!

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt Carl (pressenter) I think Tdor is my favorite character, for reasons I can't really explain.

message 7: by Tara (new)

Tara (tarabyt3) Nope, I am totally shipping Inda and Tdor. :D If they don't end up together I'll be devastated for Tdor.

message 8: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Polk (eidolons) | 9 comments Just finished the book today (yes, I'm behind). Gaaaah! So. Good. Thank you so much for starting this readlong - not sure I'd ever have discovered this series otherwise.

I enjoyed The Fox so much more than Inda. The first half of Inda dragged for me. World building is essential - but it can be dull (I also don't care for "boys in school" stories). The Fox seemed to never have a dull moment. I'm anxious about the Inda/T'dor/Sig..whatever-her-name-is (my copy of the book is in my bedroom with a sleeping child) situation. I know who ends up with whom (damn you, back of the book blurbs! damn you!) but it still... it could be messy.

I did have some issues with scenes jumping. It was too convenient. For example: when Fox rescues Inda. It just seemed sudden - one minute he's spying on a guard, the next he's rescuing Inda with a whole escape plan. What? Why? How?!

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