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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) So, any ideas?

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) I think a roleplay surrounding a severed friendship would be interesting. Maybe it's ruined because a new person comes into the picture (romantic interest or not). I always find this plot interesting, but stereotypes tank it, so maybe a roleplay version would provide multiple ending.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) It doesn't have to be romance, but fantasy would be really cool. Maybe it could be kind of supernatural.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Okay, cool. Perhaps it could involve two friends of a fantasy species. They are practically inseparable. Then they both fall for the same person (maybe even a human) and both think this person likes them. If played right, it could turn out pretty well.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Yeah. That could work. Where I live it getting pretty late. I can probably create a character, but then I'll have to go to be. Could I be at least one of the guys? I do well with antagonists. Also, what do you require for characters?

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) I'll make one. It's reaching nine, but I'm a stage manager in a play tomorrow, so...

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Name: Derrick Capulet

Age: 18


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short cut
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 162
Clothing Style: Blue shirts, jeans, basketball shoes

Species: Scion (view spoiler)

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Could you make a sister? This way I can get a basic idea of the appearance.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Goodnight!

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Name: Cassidy [Cass] Nettles

Age: 15

Species: Sylph


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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) I have an idea for a more in depth plot:

Derrick and Eoin had been best friends since the fourth grade when they both realized they were a part of the magical world. The two friends were amazed by how their powers were developing. They both had a connection to evil and darkness, so they could only tap into dark magic and spells. Though the two were okay with this at first, they were irritated to find their magical limitations. One day Eoin made an amazing revelation: they could steal powers from fairies and nymphs. Since the beginning of their high school years the two have kidnapped fairies and nymphs, stolen all their powers and left them as nulls, powerless creatures that are shunned and hated. When the two realized that two powerful nymphs were living in the area, they knew it was a wonderful opportunity to increase their power.

Ariadne and Cass were always really close as sisters. Like any pair of siblings, they have their arguments. Overall, they are really close and are almost inseparable. Throughout their life they were told that the power they radiated would attract other creatures, dangerous creatures. They always knew they'd be less noticeable if they stayed apart. Still, Ariadne always reminded Cass that on their own they would never be able to fight off the creatures they were so scared of. As an older, more mature nymph, Ariadne had already learned how to find nearby supernaturals. She knew that she and Cass were in danger when she sensed two creatures with dark powers.


Eoin and Derrick kidnap the sisters and feed off their power for a day. Soon Derrick begins to fall for Ariadne, but will he tell his friend?


I have a few questions:

-Any suggestions/changes?
-If we do stick with the crushing, should it be Derrick or Eoin?

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Additions

Eoin, Derrick and the sisters start out at a party and they are kidnapped after they get separated. Eoin takes Cass and Derrick takes Ariadne.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) I will start. I may be a bit busy around this time, though. Finals are approaching.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Maybe Cass (irresponsibly) throws a party and the friends come and sense her?

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Can you start? I am new to this and wanted to see how long you want responses to be.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Oh, and could it be that Derrick falls for Ariadne?

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) I can take respond tomorrow. I had a response, but it was deleted.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass stumbled out of the door. She had only had a drink or two...or six. Still, she tried to act sober to fool her sister, but she knew it wasn't working. "Only nerds and geeks leave before 2 a.m.," Cass informed her sister. "I am the most popular girl in the 10th grade!" Cass was more worried about her boyfriend, Jake. She had wanted to hang out with him. Even if she had had a little too much to drink.


"Shut up, Eoin," Derrick said, smiling as he saw Ariadne and Cass leaving the party. "There they are." Derrick prepared the sacks. They were large enough to hold the girls and could restrain their magic. Even though Derrick wanted to kidnap the girls, he couldn't help but notice the nice figure of the older girl. He struggled to take his focus off of her. "Once they get a little closer, hop out," Derrick instructed. "I've been observing the older one. Very boring." Derrick knew she wasn't boring. She simply wasn't a party animal like him.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass saw her sister stop. "What's up?" she asked drunkenly, nearly stumbling over. "I don't get this. One minute we partied, the next you wanna go home and now you stop again!" Cass had never been that drunk before. It made her feel vulnerable. Still, despite her sister's sudden halt she continued walking toward the bush where the boys were hiding. She started stumbling toward her sister's car.


"Now!" he told Eoin. Derrick moved toward the older sylph fairly quickly, but he knew his friend was much faster. He stopped a moment before shoving the bag over Ariadne's head. The girls would be able to breathe threw the bags. They would just feel a little uncomfortable.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass was nervous. She could breathe, but everything was dark and incomplete. It was like a void of darkness. She felt useless, helpless to fix anything. That combined with the alcohol made her just about want to pass out.


Eventually Derrick got Ariadne into the bag. "Put them in the back seat," Derrick instructed as he put Ariadne in his SUV. Once everyone was in the car he revved the engine and began driving to the place that he had shared with Eoin for the past few months.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass could feel she was being moved. What was happening? Were her kidnappers going to bury her? Soon she felt the hard thump of a wood floor and much whispering. "Ariadne!" Cass called out. "It's dark and I don't know where I am! Where are we?" The younger sister began to cry as if were 5 years old, not 15.


Derrick placed the older sister on the ground. He began to let her out of the bag, but was a bit scared. If she attacked him he wouldn't get to feed off of her power. Why risk getting hurt for one nymph? As he began to let her out, he remembered. A boatload of power and energy came from the older sister. Sure, the younger one was powerful too, but the one who was closer to his age was full of it. "Hi," he said as her head began to poke out of the bag. "I'm Derrick."

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Unlike her sister, Cass willingly came out of the bag. Maybe her captures were letting her escape. That would be great. She sat in a weird home and looked to see another back. "Is this my sister?" she asked. "What are you doing to her?"


"Nothing," Derrick said, trying to pull Ariadne out of the bag. He was worried about the fangs. He pulled with no prevail. "GET OUT!" Derrick yelled.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

We can do a lot more if you don't let us go!" Cass snapped, her teeth growing in. "Why do you want us anyway?" Cass was scared. She sensed Ariadne was scared, too. Things were bad if her sister was scared. Cass began to back away from the two boys, despite her firm statement.


Derrick walked toward Cass and put a hand on her forearm. "Don't worry," Derrick told the younger sister. "We don't bite, unlike your sister." Derrick looked at the the bite marks. "Well, Eoin, what do we do with them?" Derrick asked.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

"What's happening?" Cass asked frantically. "What's feeding?" She felt very nervous. Why had her capture touched her arm? Why were they kidnapping her? Cass needed answers or else she was going to explode? What was happening?


Derrick ignored the younger sister's questions. His general attraction to the one named Ariadne made him uncomfortable. He hadn't had many crushes in his life and he certainly couldn't have a crush on his next meal. He couldn't stop staring at her beautiful red hair and deep brown eyes. "Feeding," Derrick said, "is when we take your powers and give it to ourselves." Derrick couldn't stop staring at Ariadne and felt incredibly awkward.. "I think I need water," he said as he began to walk off.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) ((I will reply soon. I cannot right now.))

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass was scared and confused. She thought about punching one of the captures, but she saw the size difference. Any idiot would. Both of the boys towered over her and were built like walls of muscle compared to her thin figure. "You can't get away with this," Cass said.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Derrick

Derricks walked back into the room where the girls were being kept. "The feeding process disguised doesn't happen overnight," he shared. "It will take about a week. Eoin, which one would you like to start with?"

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) (I will respond today.)

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) ((I was very busy))


Cass looked at the two boys in amazement. She knew very little about feeding, but she knew it wasn't a good thing. These creatures lived off of essence, not hamburgers. Sure, they looked like normal teenage guys, but why were they like this? "Don't use Ariadne!" she called out.


"Ariadne," he said, smiling. "What a beautiful name." He listened to himself. What had gotten into him? He turned toward Eoin with a concerned look. "I don't know what's wrong with me," he whispered to his friend. "I'm going to make myself a hamburger and get ready for bed." Derrick headed toward the kitchen, sick from his attraction to the older sister.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass hated being stuck in the room with Eoin. He seemed a little more level headed, but maybe that was a disadvantage for Cass. He was less distracted, more focused on her. He even seemed a little more fit and active than the other guy who appeared to just be tall. She had no idea where Ariadne had gone, but Cass trusted her sister.


"Is that so?" he said, putting only one hamburger on the grill. He went into the cabinet and got out a fruit roll up and a juice box. "I like this flavor, so you know it's good."

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

"Will I get hurt?" she said. "Will I die?" She looked at Eoin with pure concern. Cass hated the guy, but his gentle composure made him somewhat likeable compared to the other kidnapper. "Why us?" she asked.


Derrick liked Ariadne's spirit. "You know...," he began, "I won't hurt your sister if you do me a tiny favor." He knew this was going to be her weakness, or at least he hoped so. He placed his hand on Ariadne's waist with a smile.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass frowned at Eoin. "How many of my powers?" she asked. She loved her abilities. They brought her joy and her ability to fly was the greatest thing in the world to her.


"Kiss me," he said blandly, looking her in the eye. "I've never been kissed before, and you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." Derrick was shaking, nervous.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass smiled at him. "So, will I be like a regular teenager?" she asked. "Parties without worries. Drinking alcohol without abnormal side effects?" She liked this idea. Having a secret made her sick. This might be a solution. She moved toward Eoin. "Start feeding then," she said.


Derrick stopped kissing her after she cried. "I'm sorry," he said, returning to his hamburger. He put a hotdog on the grill. "I thought I'd...I thought we'd..." He'd expected to feel a spark in the kiss, though he wouldn't admit that. All Derrick had felt was her pain and suffering, her sadness. When the hotdog finished, he put it in a bun and gave it to Ariadne. "I'm not that mean," he said.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

"No," Cass said, shaking her head. "I want to be normal. Plus, it can't hurt that bad. Feed before my sister gets back." Cass desperately wanted this. She knew she might regret it later, but it would happen anyway. She wanted Eoin to get it over with.


Derrick shrugged. "You want my hamburger?" he asked, handing that to her, too. For some reason he found joy in watching her eat. It was kind of weird, creepy and obsessive, but she attracted him and pulled him in.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass was shocked by Eoin's warmth. It was almost overwhelming. She was surprised as she felt herself melting away. Then, when he jumped back, the process stopped. All the good and freedom had stopped. "What the hell?" she complained. "Finish it!"


Derrick suddenly remembered who he was. "I'm not supposed to let you do this to me," he growled. "Stop using your witchcraft. Leave. Whatever you're doing to me, stop it!" Derrick nearly cried right there. Why couldn't she be an ugly, rude, stupid victim? They were usually one of the three.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) ((I changed my name. Sorry for any confusion))

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

"Go get your friend!" she yelled. "I'll fill him then!" Her urge was worse than before. She now wanted to genuinely lose her powers. Her need for this was incredibly sad. She looked at Eoin with a frown. "Please...," she pleaded.


"I've never found anyone attractive until you came," he snarled. "I thought I was asexual or something. You messed things up. I was fine and now I'm not. Whatever you're doing, stop it. I beg you." He really wanted her to kiss him again, that time with passion. He put an arm out for her. "Please, stop it," he begged.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

"I have no choices," she admitted, pacing the room. "Ariadne claims we have to stick together so we can 'fight off those after us', but really she needs to protect me because I stink at magic. I know I can't survive with my powers." Cass looked Eoin in the eye and cried in his arms.


Derrick stormed into the main room to find a very disturbing scene. His friend had his arms around the younger girl. "Eoin!" he yelled in disgust. "What are you doing?" He had already hated Ariadne's witchcraft and now this!

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass frowned. He was comforting her? It was as if she suddenly remembered he was her captor. She jumped back quickly. "Take us back now," Cass demanded. "You have no need for us."


Derrick frowned at Eoin for his comment and looked at the younger sister. "Well if you're not feeding, I will." He began to walk toward Ariadne and placed one hand on her face.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

Cass followed her sister out of the house. She saw they were on top of a hill in a regular home. From the hill she could see a small little town, far away from their home. She wanted to fly, but she didn't have much energy. "Sorry," she apologized to her sister.


Derrick gave Eoin a look as he went to the kitchen to get ice. "I can't believe I just did that," Derrick admitted. He returned to Eoin and watched his friend's aura. There was not hunger, or need for powers. Derrick nearly fell back from the shock. "Check my aura!" he demanded of his friend.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Cass

"I wish," Cass mumbled. "I asked him to take my powers." She didn't want to hear her sister's reaction. She was already disappointed in herself. Cass began to walk down the hill.


"Dude, your aura's a full circle!" Derrick said. "You are complete. Check my aura!" Derrick was curious. Once a creature was complete, their powers had almost no limits. Derrick was curious as to how it would work.

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