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Cherry Tigris (toiletpaperpeople) | 8 comments * Title: "I Had This Thought Once"
* Author(s) name(s): Cherry Tigris
* ISBN (or ASIN): 978-1511975025
* Publisher: Tigris Creations
* Publication date: May 1, 2015
* Format: Paperback, Kindle
* Description: Cherry Tigris (artist, humanitarian, anti-diva) is committed to defending our most vulnerable humans with her written words, music, and activism. "I Had This Thought Once" experiments with the weight of words and notions in an attempt to bring meaning to the complicated state of the human condition. Nothings is off-limits in her latest offering as she explores the deeper lessons hidden in the most regular tasks. Readers of every age and stripe will find tasty morsels of perspective hidden in between the lines and verses.
* Link to cover:

message 3: by Cherry (new)

Cherry Tigris (toiletpaperpeople) | 8 comments thank you!

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