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Kirstin Pulioff | 252 comments Mod
Welcome to May's Book of the Month. Your two choices were First Night of Summer by Landon Parham & Season of the Witch by Nastasha Mostert...

What did you like? Dislike?
Were there particular characters you identified with?
Would you recommend these books to your friends and family?

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Deborah (brandiec) I really enjoyed Season of the Witch and would recommend it. There were, however, a couple of things which prevented me from giving it 5 stars: (view spoiler)

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Deborah (brandiec) Is anybody interested in talking about Season of the Witch? Natasha Mostert has posted some potential discussion questions on her website, which I have copied and pasted below:

Book club questions for Season of the Witch

by Natasha Mostert

I have drawn up the following questions to assist book clubs who have chosen to discuss Season of the Witch. Have fun with them!

1. At the beginning of Season of the Witch, Gabriel is hip, sexy, self-assured and in control of his life. At the end of the book we see him much older and in the grip of obsession. Do you think he has grown during his journey or has he become a diminished, sad figure?

2. One of the themes in Season of the Witch is that ordinary life is filled with magic. If you think there is something wholly mysterious lurking at the edge of your peripheral vision... you may be right! Do you agree? Do you believe in paranormal and mystical experiences? If you don't, did the author still manage to create a believable world within the pages of the book?

3. Gabriel falls in love with a voice in a diary. Do you think this is a realistic scenario? When the author started writing the book, she pitched the idea to friends to test their reaction. All the women thought the idea romantic and plausible whereas the reaction of some of the men ranged from disbelieving laughter to a more diplomatic 'Nothing is impossible.' What is your view?

4. Following on from the above question: Do you believe it is precisely because the woman in the diary is unattainable that Gabriel becomes obsessed with her? Do you agree that unresolved sexual tension lies at the heart of attraction?

5. Which of the two sisters is the more attractive? Please give reasons for your answer.

6. The two witches in the novel are information addicts and they are building a memory palace in order to strengthen their memory and use it as a tool to reach enlightenment.

7. Do you agree with the central premise of the book that the memories of people today are far weaker than those of our ancestors - even those of our grand-parents? Before the advent of the printing press, people had to remember everything. Today we need only click a mouse and we have an ocean of information at our fingertips. But do technological advances weaken our ability to recollect? And does it matter?

8. At the end of Season of the Witch, Gabriel writes: 'One of the crueler jokes of creation is being burdened with brains capable of conceptualizing a state of higher consciousness we have little hope of ever achieving. But we can strive, walking with hands outstretched like a blind man trying to orient himself in an alien place. And sometimes our clumsy fingers graze the mind of God.'

Do you agree that most people feel a pervasive sense of discontent within themselves - a yearning for something bigger and finer that lies outside their frame of reference? Would you say this lies at the heart of the human condition?

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