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R.J. Askew (rjaskew) | 2 comments 99 cts / 99 p, May 1-8 -

Two men are at odds over a litter bin in the manicured elegance of London's Kew Gardens. Which side of the fence should it be on? Yes, quite ridiculous, utterly so.
Throw in one jaded young war photographer - Hi, Emma Saywell - one stately monkey puzzle tree and a squadron of screeching swifts and our scene is set for an escalating little drama and a bloody redemption.
On Walden Pond, The Old Man And The Sea, The Natural History of Selborne and the verses of John Keats are the inspirations behind One Swift Summer, a contemporary novella with Nature at its heart.
99 cts / 99 p, May 1-8 -

One Swift Summer by R.J. Askew

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R.J. Askew (rjaskew) | 2 comments Thanks Emily, i hope you enjoy the read *bows*

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