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message 1: by Joey (last edited May 04, 2015 09:05AM) (new)

Joey (mostlyjoe) | 178 comments Heya Jetpackers!

How about a thread talking about RPG fiction and various tabletop RPG books that are fun to read?

There has been a powerful history of great novels and material out there like the Dark Elf series for Forgotten Realms, the fantastic Shadowrun books, and various one off series that White Wolf did.

Well, the tradition continues!

Tales from the Ninth World by Monte Cook One of my favorite recently is Monte Cook's short story collection "Tales of the Ninth World" set in his Numenera game setting. Numenera Corebook by Monte Cook .

Which btw is an awesome game line!

Also by Monte Cook games is The Strange by Bruce R. Cordell which has 2 anthologys:

The Paradox Room by Monte Cook and Tales From The Strange which I can't post here oddly.

I also love the new Onyx Path short story collections tied to the New World of Darkness line.

Drivethrurpg link for what is new. And this year they are doing 2nd editions of the whole NWOD line so expect anthologies attached to each relaunch.

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Lancer (elancer) | 1666 comments Mod
I enjoyed the cleric quintet from the forgotten realms universe quite a bit. I'm not sure if it was ever a table top game but years ago I read a trilogy set in the Ultima universe by author Austen Andrews titled The Technocrat War trilogy. I remember enjoying it immensely at the time, not gonna win any awards but enjoyable nonetheless

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