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Snap a Shelfie and Get an Ebook with BitLit!

Tor has joined BitLit.

Basically, you use your iOS or Android mobile device to take a picture of your physical bookshelf, and BitLit will identify eligible books, and you can then download the matching e-book for $2.99.

This is similar to Amazon's MatchBook program (in which Tor is also a participant), except with BitLit you can have purchased your hardcover/paperback anywhere, not just from Amazon.

Although you can send your BitLit-purchased Tor ebooks to a Kindle (because Tor books are DRM free), there is no BitLit app for the Kindle Fire. Probably because Amazon doesn't want to play nice outside its ecosystem. :(

message 2: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 2227 comments That's awesome & yet sucks. We don't have a 'smart' phone, but do have digital cameras & computers. I guess we're left out in the cold.

message 3: by Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) (last edited May 05, 2015 09:21AM) (new)

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 1 comments I don't understand the signing my name on the copyright page part.

Do I have to actually write in deface my print edition? Or a printout/copy of scanned page?

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D.A wrote: "I don't understand the signing my name on the copyright page part.
Do I have to actually write in my print copy? Or a printout/copy of scanned page?"

Well, my only mobile device with a camera is my Kindle Fire, and the App isn't available for Kindle, so I haven't actually used it. But...

My guess is that this is some bizarre for of "anti-piracy". After you write your name in your book, no one else can use your book to get the bargain ebook. Unless they'd heard of WhiteOut or a photocopier?

message 5: by Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) (last edited May 05, 2015 09:24AM) (new)

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 1 comments Sounds bizarre. I don't know many ways a site only getting sent a photo of a signed page could tell you signed the original book versus signing a photo of the copyright page.

It would make more sense if they did backlist books or books before a certain date just by photo of it on your shelf (could be why I'm seeing more people taking shelf pictures in library and half priced books) then requiring receipts from any bookseller for more recent books. On the basis that authors and publishers aren't going to otherwise sell a lot of the older ebooks at more than $2.99 anyway.

It's not worth the money saved to me to deface my books with my signature. And I have some print books I plan on getting ebooks for (.or even replacing with ebook).

I mean, okay, preteen me stuck on library book plates with cute things like unicorns and plastered my name all over books that went thru lots of grubby hands ... but I've grown out of that.

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