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Angie (amgiammarino) Hello Grim Readers! Thanks for joining us as we re-read FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT!

You can read Chapters 19-21 for free until 5/6 HERE:

This thread is where you can discuss Chapters 19-21, but be considerate of any newbies who are reading for the first time and keep your spoilers to a minimum! And here's some exciting news: anyone who joins in the discussion will be entered for a chance to win a phone call from Darynda Jones! A winner will be chosen using on 5/6. Happy reading!

In Chapter 19, Charley preps for the sting on Benny Price. She's dressed as a sort of sexy librarian. Once she gets to his office, his men check her for a wire (good thing she refused to wear one) and lead her to Benny. Charley claims she has evidence that Benny is involved in human trafficking on a flash drive that her former employer gave her. To call her bluff, Benny pulls out the flash drive from his desk drawer -- showing Charley exactly where it is, just like she wanted him to. Angel and Sussman also turn on the surveillance camera in his office to get his confession on tape. Seconds later, Charley gets him to admit that he sent men to kill the three lawyers. She gives Angel the signal to call in Uncle Bob and backup, but Benny drags Charley through a hidden hallway just before they arrive. Of course, with Charley in danger, Reyes appears. Charley wills him not to kill Benny -- how could she explain another severed spine? Unfortunately, Benny breaks her neck.

Charley wakes up in a storage room with Reyes hovering near her. Also in the room is the missing Father Federico. Charley is just about to congratulate herself when she feels a gun at her temple and realizes that Benny is in the room. Before he can fire, Reyes severs the tendons in his wrist without leaving a mark on him. Charley points the gun at Benny, unties Father Federico, and Angel and Uncle Bob rush in. Angel led Uncle Bob to Charley by pulling on his tie.

Later, at the station, they watch the tape of Benny's confession. Everyone congratulates Charley, and Uncle Bob takes her home. At home in her PJs, she helps the three lawyers cross over to the other side:

Crossings from my perspective were a little like watching people disappear before my eyes. I felt them as they drifted through me. Their emotions. Their fears. Their hopes and dreams. But I had yet to feel hatred, animosity, or jealousy. Mostly, I felt an overwhelming sense of love. Every time someone crossed, my faith in humanity grew.

Before leaving, Uncle Bob tells Charley that Father Federico is resting well in the hospital, and that Teddy is with him. Mark Weir is going to be released from jail, and steps have been made to keep Reyes on life support. He also tells her that the abusive husband who tried to shoot her yesterday killed his wife, Charley's client. In spite of all of the good work she's done in the last 48 hours, Charley feels like a total failure. Angel tells Charley why her client went back home and was caught and killed by her abusive husband -- she went back for her miscarried baby's blanket. Charley is devastated.

Charley tells us a story from her childhood -- the first time she realized that she has to hide what she is. She was in the park and told a woman that her abducted daughter was there. The woman called the police, thinking that her missing daughter was found. When no one found anything, they were horrified that Charley would say that to a grieving mother. Charley's stepmother slapped her across the face and Charley had to secretly beg Reyes not to kill her. Two weeks later, the grieving mother asked Charley about her missing daughter again. Charley didn't want to tell her anything, based on everyone's anger last time she spoke about the missing girl, but she ended up telling her that her daughter was happy, and the girl passed through Charley. Later, Charley even lead the police to the missing girl's body. But this whole episode was a learning experience for Charley:

I learned two things from that experience: that most people would never believe in my abilities, even those closest to me. And that most people would never understand the devastating need of those left behind, the need to know the truth.

As Charley cries on the couch, she realizes that Reyes is sitting next to her. They start talking, and she somehow realizes that his tattoo is the key to the entrance of hell. She doesn't know how she knows, but she realizes that he's the son of Satan. He tells her that he was born on earth to wait for her to be born. Once he was born, he didn't remember his past -- it only recently came back to him in bits and pieces while he was in prison. Reyes also tells Charley that he's innocent, and didn't kill his earth father. Oh, and that Satan has found him on earth. Reyes and Charley have a VERY sexy time, and Charley learns all about Reyes's past through some sort of contact communication. Immediately after, he warns her that if the minions of hell find her, he will have to kill her to close the portal to the other side.

The next morning, Charley rushes to Reyes's care facility before they take him off life support. As soon as she gets there, Uncle Bob tells her that Reyes just... disappeared from his bed. She watches the security footage and sure enough, he smiles at the camera and disappears into thin air. When she turns back to look at the screen again, there's a single word followed by a blinking cursor... "Dutch."


Extra points for discussion:
1. Do you think Charley was too hard on herself about the death of her client?
2. What did you think of Charley's childhood story?
3. Did you guess that Reyes was the son of Satan?
4. Do you think it's a bad idea for Charley to get involved with Reyes, considering that Satan knows where he is and also wants access to the portal, a.k.a. Charley? Or do you think Reyes will protect her?
5. Where do you think Reyes disappeared to?

Shardallinee | 48 comments 1. Charley couldn't have known that her client went back for the blanket. Though she (Charley) had a feeling something might be wrong, if I remember correctly. I was really devastated by the news as well.

2. I was disgusted by Charley's stepmother, and felt very protective of our little Charley. The whole part when she was telling the grieving mother her daughter was happy was perfectly written - she acted so truly child-like, acting like she wasn't she, was adorable and heartbreaking. I wanted to hug her, because she was being brave despite all the anger thrown at her before. I also felt strongly for the grieving mother and how she thanked Charley for years to come.

3. When I first read this book I just knew he was something more... sinister. Yet, he could not be completely evil... could he?

4. If Satan so wished it, he would find Charley sooner or later. The world is small and you can run just so much. I think it a better idea to join fronts... that is, if the trust isn't an issue.

5. He went to visit me in my dreams... for a bit. ;) He returned as soon as I woke up, so no worries! ;)

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Darynda Jones | 34 comments Mod
Shardallinee wrote: "1. Charley couldn't have known that her client went back for the blanket. Though she (Charley) had a feeling something might be wrong, if I remember correctly. I was really devastated by the news a..."

LOL to #5! Love it!!!

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Darynda Jones | 34 comments Mod
1. Yes, but that's who she is.

2. Believe it or not, I understand Denise's reaction to this. Well, not the slap or anything. NOT okay! But her mortification. I thought to myself, "What if that was my kid and she had just said something like that to a grieving mother?" I would have died.

3. Yes. :)

4. No! I don't! But I have insider info, so I guess I don't count.

5. Heaven knows! Or, perhaps hell. Either way. Apparently he was visiting Shardallinee. hehe

Shardallinee | 48 comments Darynda wrote: "LOL to #5! Love it!!! "

I might borrow him some more from time to time... you know, I love a man who can cook so well as he does! ;)

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Angie Bee | 50 comments 1. No I don’t think Charley was too hard on herself. Charley does everything in a big way,
because she has a big heart.

2. I felt sorry for Charley. Her childhood seemed lonely to me. She’s misunderstood by her
her step-mother and her father, though supportive, seemed to be caught in the middle. She also wasn’t close to her sister Gemma either.

3. I had no idea who Reyes’s father was. I just knew he had to be not of this world.

4. I think Charley would’ve been a fool not to get involved with Reyes. He’s always been there for her. Reyes has been protecting Charley from harm and danger all of her life. And he'll protect Charley from his father too.

5. I think Reyes goes to heaven. Because when he leaves, heaven must be missing an angel. :-)

This has been a blast Grimlets. Angelique you ROCK!!

Dominy | 31 comments 1. Yes, but that just shows her to be a kind soul.
2. It has elements of sad and elements of good. I find it to be so amazing that she came out as sane as she has.
3. I actually did. But part of me wanted him just to be a really bad boy.
4. Oh, good question. Yes, it's a bad idea. He is born of the fires of hell. But then again, no. I think she makes him more than evil. She puts him in a balance that he didn't have until he saw her. She calms him and is calmed in return. He'll protect her. Throught the worst, I have faith in that. Plus, he is hot.
5. I know. But I'll make something up.
He's gone to the mystical land of hot bad boys. Once there he will work on his smoldering stare, his pantie melting voice and the ability to make a girls legs shake. Yep. that's where he went.

Emani  | 10 comments 1. Yes. That's how she is. She cares hard.
2. I'm glad Charley had Ubie growing up. Denise is a piece of work. That lady needs Dr. Phil.
3. No. I thought he was another grim reaper.
4. No. Reyes seems to always protect her.
5. He isn't with me and that makes me sad.

Linda Parish | 78 comments Darynda Jones I messaged you on goodreads my contact info. Couldn't get the messages on the watttpad to work lol. I'm not real techno savvy.

Linda Parish | 78 comments 1.yes I felt she was to hard on herself but that's who Charlie is. I think we all would have blamed ourselves in her situation.
2. Charlie's childhood story was a heartbreaker. Her stepmother had a right to be embarrassed. But her reaction was way out of line and much to harsh. I mean what parent hasn't been embarrassed by something their child has said at one time or another?
3. I never would have guessed Reyes was the son of Satan. Total shocker.
4. As far as Charlie getting involved with Reyes considering who he is... It's a bad ideal. I mean look who he's related to. Most likely he'sore then capable of protecting her considering how many times he's done it already. But still I wouldn't turn him away or judge him if he came knocking on my door lol.
5. I have no clue when he's gone. That's why we need to hurry and read the next book. That was quite the cliff hanger.

Jennie Shaw (ms_jennieshaw) | 4 comments 1. Yes, but that's easy to say from the outside. Charley cares so much. It makes sense that she'd be hard on herself.

2. It's such a sad story, from every perspective. Even considering the circumstance, though, the slap was totally not okay. I thought it was interesting that Reyes saw an emotional threat the same way as a physical one. Kind of made me like him more.

3. I didn't see Son of Satan coming. But it upped the stakes considerably, so I loved it.

4. Well forbidden love is kind of hot, and you can't get more forbidden than Son of Satan so... Haha!

5. Shardallinee's answer is amazing. I'm going to stick with that. ;)

Thanks for the fun reread! :D

Angie (amgiammarino) Thanks everyone for reading with us!! All of you are so lovely and so much fun!

This week's winner of a phone call is Emani! I'm setting up everyone's phone calls as we speak.

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