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message 1: by Waffle (new)

Waffle Monarch | 60 comments Anyone else tired of this? Seems like every book I read is swimming in these scenarios. The protagonists are just about to kiss BUT WAIT THERES A KNOCK ON THE DOOR OH WELL MAYBE NEXT TIME. But then next time they're about to get it on but something else happens. Then next time theyre attacked oh no. 300 pages of interruptions later they finally get a lip lock in there.

God its so tiresome. Please, PNR authors. Stop overusing this gimmick. One or two interruptions per novel MAX. It should definitely not be the mechanism that drives the plot forward.

Please think about this realistically. The romantic couple are probably spending days, weeks, or months together. Doesn't it seem a but absurd that in all that time, the one time they decide to actually advance the relationship, the plot decides to lurch forward to the next stage?


message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana Rising (dianaruthr) I agree with you completely, except for one kind of book. Sometimes a book's main premise is humorously keeping our main characters apart. Then it makes sense.

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Chanticleer (rachelchanticleer) | 37 comments I don't mind it if it's an interruption that actually moves the plot forward, but if it's too contrived, then no.

Something ridiculous like, "Oh no, my cat knocked over the flower vase and I have to stop to clean it up" would irritate me.

message 4: by Veronica (new)

Veronica Rosa (veronicadelrosa) I can't say I've run into this, thank goodness! It's irritating enough in a sitcom, never mind a book.

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Chanticleer (rachelchanticleer) | 37 comments I should be clear, my example was for one interruption. More than that with the same couple would absolutely irk me.

But Diana makes a good point, sometimes those kinds of interruptions are part of the story. Particularly with humorous/light books. ☺

Brittain *Needs a Nap and a Drink* (bwilliams2013) I think you see it a lot in TV shows more than books since it is an urgency thing. Shakespearean plays too. My personal favorite (not) is the phone ringing right when it needs to in a book with someone to stop something just in time.

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